Friday, September 28, 2018

Two Fun Quilts

I have the very BEST bee friends.  They went up to Bedford, Pennsylvania, to take a class with Bonnie Hunter, a while back.  In a local quilt shop there, they spied an antique quilt on the wall.  They all fell in love with it.  A very simple quilt made up of all half-square triangles, all going in the same direction.  It was faded a bit - full of soft colored tiny prints and a light muslin background.

They all have a big stash of soft thirties prints... but I don't.  I had just a few thirties scraps leftover from making four featherweight sewing machine covers and mats, two years ago, for bee Christmas gifts.

But these dear friends shared their thirties stash with me.  We all took what thirties prints we had, and cut them into 3 1/2" squares, enough to share with all four of us.  We all bought Kona snow solid for the background.  

The sewing, pressing and trimming took awhile.  I sewed mine at our guild retreat, then I quilted it later on my HQ 16 sit down machine.

I really love this quilt!!  It's so simple, but just beautiful!!  And I always think of my generous friends who shared their fabric with me!!

Our local Haymarket Quilters Unlimited guild had a mystery quilt for the second time last year.

The designer, the amazing and talented Doreen Johnson, created another wonderful design for us!!

I used a layer cake and some yardage, and I really love how it turned out!!

I worked on assembling all the parts at our spring retreat, then quilted it on my HQ 16 sit down machine when I got home.  We have a new mystery quilt for this guild year, which we just started on!  Doreen's designs are so wonderful, I'm sure this one will be, too!!

We've had the most rainfall ever in the last few months.  Our temps aren't truly fall like yet, but we are slowly heading in the right direction!  No colored leaves yet, either.  But I still put away my September school related decor today and pulled out all my favorite Halloween things!!  Have you decorated for fall yet??


  1. Love that replica of the antique triangle quilt. What fun to do that with friends who shared trpheir stash. What could be better- lucky lady!

  2. It’s beautiful and even more special when created with friends.

  3. How nice of your friends to share their 30's stash. I have no 30's prints in my stash and haven't for many years. I used them up making donation baby quilts. So many fabrics I want and never seem to make the plunge to select 30's prints when making new purchases. The half square triangles is a simple design and lets the 30's prints shine.

  4. I posted a comment here and it was gobbled up by the internet.
    I love your two quilts, they look beautiful/
    How nice to have friends to sew with and share stuff.
    Lucky that you have one of those amazing Sweet 16's I know that is fun and versatile
    Happy Autumn Polly. 🍃🍁

  5. Both quilts are gorgeous! Love that you and your friends exchanged fabrics for the HST quilt. It makes it all the more special.

    Here in Florida, it has literally rained every day all summer except for a small number of days. Unusual for us as we usually have a few weeks without rain. No fall here but there has been a slight break in the humidity!

  6. Is the pattern that Doreen designed available to others that live far away?��
    I absolutely love it!

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