Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Cool Summer Sewalong and Project

The Moda Bake Shop (MBS) offered a new fun summer activity called Oda May's Summer Camp.
This was the MBS's second online sewalong.  They had one last summer called Oda May's School of Sewing

They learned from that first sewalong that choice is a good thing...not everyone likes the same blocks, so this time, they gave you two choices each week for the next round of blocks or borders.

They were the same size, so you could mix and match to come up with your own quilt.

I really enjoyed it more this time, for that very reason!  You could make it from yardage or using a layer cake with background yardage!

I really LOVEEEE the Moda Painted Garden  fabric collection I used for this quilt. Isn't the fabric and colors just so gorgeous?!?  Such pretty florals!!

I also got sucked onto the jelly roll rug band wagon, this summer!!  I had a great jelly roll of all green batiks in my stash...and I needed a new small rug for our powder room!!  

I really enjoyed the process of making the rug!  It went fast and fun. 

Because of the size of the powder room, it had to be small, so I didn't use all of the jelly roll for mine.

This weekend, my husband and I got to watch our grandson Neal, so my son and his wife could attend the wedding of a dear friend.  We had such a blast with him!!  

He is so smart and well behaved and is sooooo veryyyyy loved!!

We are to finally get some fall weather here on Thursday.  I SIMPLY CANNOT WAIT!!  So I'll be going out to buy my mums for my front porch steps this weekend.  Has fall arrived where you are yet?  The cooler temps will start the leaves changing colors!  YAY!!  Do you have some special fall actitivies you do every year?


  1. The Summer Camp quilt is so fun and happy looking! Love it! And your grandson is so adorable.

  2. Beautiful quilt and looks like you, your hubby and Neal had a wonderful time!
    Yes, fall is here (nights are cold and leaves are changing their colors) but I'm so glad that the warm tmeperatures returned and I don't have to wear gloves for bicycling (I did it once already). Have a wonderful fall time:-)

  3. I agree the range of fabrics you used for the sewalong is happy and bright.
    The Jelly Roll mat looks great in your powder room. I haven't tired to make one yet. Maybe one day ?
    Neal is a handsome young fella and you had a lovely time looking after him.

  4. Polly, your grandson is so happy and cute. He looks like he loves his gramma and grampa too.
    I love the rug, I am too lazy to make one. I love the quilt. Gimme
    Did you quilt it yourself or do you have someone local.
    I know there are quite a few quilters around. Some are good, and helpful, some are bossy and snobby. I am in Loudoun County. You are in Prince William, right? or Fairfax?
    See you later mashed potater (that is what I say to 3 year old, Sarah, all the time)

  5. I was not aware of the Oda May sew-along until recently. I have seen one other quilt and it is very different color combo than yours. I understand that you were to decide your own rounds from a selection so each person's quilt may look different?

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