Monday, October 29, 2018

Ready for Halloween?

I LOVE Halloween!  Do you?  Usually the week of Halloween is peak color for leaves up here in northern Virginia.  But this summer and fall was so weird and wet and warm, we are just now getting some color in our leaves! 

I decorate my home for Halloween by October 1st each year. 

Taking all my collected Halloweenie things out feels like seeing old friends again!

Many of my favorite things are dolls I made back when I had a crafting company in the 1980's-90's.

Most of the dolls were made into patterns which I sold back then through the Country Marketplace magazine. Do any of you older gals remember that magazine?

When we built this house five years ago, I downsized decor stuff by more than half!

I used to have four huge plastic tubs of Halloween decor.  Now I only have two!!

I did make eight new Halloween place mats this year...

and one new Halloween quilt!!

The collection is called Come Sit Spell!  Isn't it awesome?

I now have 14 Halloween quilts , and countless small wall and table sized ones!!

When our grandson Neal came for a visit a few weekends ago, he didn't seem to care much about the Halloween stuff sitting around.  He did like the one pumpkin that has different colored lights inside it, though! I think he really likes knowing how to turn things on and off and on and off and on...

This is our first Halloween in 17 years without our sweet Yogi.  We won't have to hold him back in the doorway when we give out candy this year.  This photo was taken last October... sniff...


  1. Your Halloween decor is wonderful. It makes you house look so welcoming and cozy. I "weeded out" my Halloween decor items last fall and got rid of everything I hadn't used in a couple of years. So there is a minimum of things decorating my house this year. But I do have my favorite seasonal quilts and table runners out and really enjoy them. Now I need to weed out the excess Christmas stuff and only keep the things I really love.

  2. Polly I love seeing your Halloween collection each year. I know you miss little Yogi losing a dear pet is so hard.

  3. I love seeing all your amazing Halloween 👻 🎃 quilts and wall hangings etc. your home looks fabulous.
    We don't celebrate Halloween 👻 at at home in Aussie but more and more younger ones do now.
    There was a Westit at the vets when I went yesterday and thought of dear Yogi. 🤗🤗

  4. Your house looks wonderful. I love all of your decorations. Gosh, I must be depressed. I have not decorated but then, I have been busy with daddy too.
    Yogi is missed. I will never forget him either. I miss my kitties, especially Pierro.
    🎃Have a fun Halloween.

  5. Polly, your house looks so festive for Halloween. I miss seeing Yogi pictures in your blog. He was such a fun part of your blog. I know you really miss him a lot. I love your quilts. You are such a talented quilter. Seeing your decorated house makes me want to sew more! Fun quilts, colorful and interesting. I enjoy your blog so much.

  6. What dazzling Halloween quilts. You house looks so festive. I love the pumpkin head in the wooden box on your kitchen island. His eyes are so entrancing. Fun Fun!

  7. I enjoy your blog so very much. We lost our 19 year old kitty named "Eddie" this past summer.
    He was our baby. Your fur baby "Yogi" was such a sweetie. God Bless you and Live Happy !
    Jody in Michigan

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