Sunday, October 21, 2018

Boys and their trucks...

Our grandson, Neal, just turned two!  He is smart and kind and beautiful, like his parents!

And his loves TRUCKS!!  Sooooo, he gots to have a truck quilt, right?

I made his quilt from this pattern... and changed it up a bit, too, as ususal!

I used Soft Fuse and machine appliqued the trucks onto the background fabric.

And what is really cool about this quilt, is that it was all from my stash!!

Well, OK, except for the backing... 

I did not have construction themed fabric in my stash!  But I sure do now! 

I was so very happy that he loves it!! 

He's still sleeping in a crib, but I hope when he graduates to a toddler bed with bedding, he'll get to use it for real!!

Sewwwwwww, what are you up to now that fall has finally arrived?   This season and cool crisp temps just completely delight me!

Are you ready for Halloween next week?


  1. Adorable Grandson! I love the quilt you made him. My grandson is 10 years and now makes his own quilts! And he designs the ones he has his Mother make for him. He loves choosing the fabrics also.

  2. WOW two already and Neals an adorable little fella.
    His truck quilt is gorgeous. Seams two year old boys have a thing for trucks , cars etc as I made a quilt like that when my great grandson was two....😁
    Been busy putting a Lynette Anderson Quilt together......

  3. Such a cute quilt for your adorable grandson!

  4. 2 is such a fun age. I am so happy that Neal loves his quilt. I made a quilt for Sarah and she is still in a crib at age 3, but then she is exuberant and a little mischievous
    She likes her quilt and I think it has been washed a million times already

    I love the quilt, Polly
    Halloween, yes I am ready, I have the treat bags filled and ready
    Time just flies

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