Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Do You Love to Organize?

I DO!  I HEART organizing! 
I just LOVE those organizer stores.
I can get lost in them for HOURS!!
But I found this really cool organizer
at my local Michael's
And this week it's already
 on sale for 40% off,
so no coupon needed!!

Ain't it COOL???

It's made for scrapbookers,
but it's perfect for quilters, too!

As I turned this puppy around and
started filling up all the
sections and little drawers,

 I was amazed at all the
gadgets and tools we quilters
accumulate! LOTS!!

OK, so be honest, how many pairs of
scissors do you own???

Of course, I must have a space
 for my TV/DVD remotes...
gotta have my chick flicks on
while sewing!  :-)

OK, so, waddaudink??

Oh, and guess what
I'm working on...

There was a BIG clue
in one of the previous photos!


  1. Okay, that is a cool organzier.

    I LOVE PLAN C!!! Something about that pattern just makes me smile!

  2. Ok. You convinced me. I'll have to head to Michael's tomorrow and get an organizer, too. Plan C is on the top of my "next project" list.

  3. very cool organizer. I use a vase (very pretty) that a flower arrangement from a wedding...

  4. I'll lay odds it is Schnibble's Plan C !! What fun colors you have chose, Polly.

    And a BIG YES, I HEART to organize....HEART IT, HEART IT, HEART IT !!!

    And what a totally cool, nifty organizer gadget that is.

  5. This organizer sucked me into your blog today. I LOVE it! And I'm an organizer hound. I keep searching for the perfect thing to have right by the sewing machine. Or maybe I just need a bunch of different things so I can fill them all up with "stuff!" LOL! Guess I have to go to Michael's today. And I think I'm sending the link to your blog to all my quilting buddies too! Barb in Texas

  6. What a great organiser wonder if I could find one something similar in Aussie!
    Of hand I can think of owning at least 10 pairs of scissors and I still can't find a pair when needed LOL

  7. I have one of the organizers just like yours and I love it.

    I may buy a second one for my office!


  8. I wish I lived near a Michaels! That is such a cute addition to your sewing room! I love the little game... and Plan C is going to be so cute in those ME fabrics!

  9. That looks a really great organizer....
    I just shove every thing into the space under the stairs and close the door hard !
    :-) x x x

  10. Oh wow Polly I love your organizer! What a great tool!

  11. That's a cool organizer. I know there is a Michaels around here somewhere. I may have to look it up in the next couple of days.


  12. I love your organizer...I'm going to have to see if my Michael's has them. Your Plan C is going to be wonderful!

  13. I was trying to order that same organizer a while back on and they ran out. So thanks to you I took a trip to Michael's today and there it was! And 40% off to boot! Thanks for sharing...I LOVE it!


  14. It's all your fault. I ran right out and bought one for myself. Couldn't stand it. And now I'm blogging about it tomorrow.... LOL! Barb in Texas


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