Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What a Mess!

I cleaned out my stash closet on Saturday,
but did not reorganize my fat quarters.
So, today, I pulled them all out and

started sorting them and refolding them!
This is where I store my FQ's.

It's an antique chest of drawers.
I used to use it to store my huge
collection of buttons that I used
in my doll craft business.
So, I just removed the 8
drawers and used the
empty "chest" as FQ cubbies!!
So, here they are all nice and pretty!

I got my machine back this afternoon!!
It's supposed to be a rotten weather
day here tomorrow-
rain, rain and more rain!
A GREAT day to sew!!
Stay tuned!  ;-)


  1. Thats great to hear that you got your machine back - just in time for a rotten weather sewing :) Nice organized stash on FQ :D

  2. Your FQ's look great in that cupboard.
    Yeah for the rain and that you've got your machine back. Look forward to seeing what you sew

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  3. Your fat quarters look wonderful...love the chest, what a great idea! Enjoy your sewing day...yucky weather...PERFECT sewing day!

  4. Your fat quarters look absolutely charming in that cabinet! I'm so glad you got your machine back... did you pace like an anxious momma while you waited for it? LOL I always do!

  5. The FQs look like you they're for sale in their cubbie. At the Quilt Shop in the City, they have one area of FQs displayed like this.

    Polly - I'm having a REALLY hard time reading the neon green typing on your blog. Maybe it's just me - but just wanted you to know.

  6. Yay! on getting your machine back! Plus, your recent organization of your stash is inspiring me ... or taunting me, one! LOL! :)

  7. Oh...you have inspired me! I do have a couple of errands, but my dh is doing soccer taxi service tonight, so i"m off the hook...time to tackle the floor in my sewing room..OH..and my class sample! Its due a week from Sat....:::ZOOM::::

  8. Oh, this looks great. Looks like the fat quarter rack in a quilt store. Glad you have your machine back. Gosh, that's something else I need to do. Have my machines serviced. It is soooooo hot here. Wish we had rain. Hope you have a great day of sewing!

  9. I'm ready to shop at yours...looks like a perfectly neat quilt shop with all those wonderful fabrics neatly tucked.


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