Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wave Goodbye to Summer!

Guess what tomorrow is...

Can you read the flag?

Here's another hint from the side yard.

And the final hint from out back.

Tomorrow is the first day for teachers.
Big huge sad sighhhhhh!

So,  now you know why I was
not blogging last week-
my last week of FREEDOM.
I did make 7 new blouses for work!
And I did some reading and cleaning
and lots of shopping!

My new Back to School purse is packed

and ready to use tomorrow morning.
I'll be in all day staff meeetings
all day tomorrow.
Another big sadder sighhhhhh.....

And will not be able to sew all day anymore-
just after work at night...
biggest saddest sigh of all!  :-(


  1. I know the feeling. I am a professor, and I have the same issue coming up!

  2. Aw bummer Polly! But what a great purse again! I keep trying to teach a pig to sing, does that count for anything? :)

  3. I know you hate for your summer break to be over Polly. I'm betting that if you are as creative in your teaching as your are in your sewing (and I'm sure you are :)) that you are one terrific teacher and a blessing to all those kids you work with. Have a great year and enjoy your sewing time every chance you get.


  4. Oh Polly...that's so sad:( Here's hoping your evenings are "sew" productive!

  5. Love your back to school purse. Praying for a great school year for you!

  6. I've missed you in blogland!! "SEW" you've been busy enjoying your last bit of "non-working" status. Would love to see your blouses. You always make such beauties.

    You'll be stylin" carrying your new handbag. YOU make her look good.

    Have a good day. And, look forward to you back in blogland more often.

    Thinking of you.....................

  7. I feel your regrets!!! Bummer to the end of summer.

    Love your cute, cute bag!

  8. Love your new school bag Polly.
    Even though you can't sew all day I am sure you do really like your job.

  9. Hope you have a great school year (even though it means summer is over)!

  10. I know how you feel, I have had the summer off due to knee surgery and will be returning to work on the 7th sigh :(.

  11. I´m a teacher too,in Iceland, and I´ve been working now for almost 3 weeks, and I know your feeling! Good luck!

  12. I didn't realize that you worked in a school. What kind of work do you do? What level? I just retired in June from 33 years in public education. I taught high school and middle school. I then changed to libraries/media centers. I was mostly in a K-5 school for the past 20 years. It's so hard going back to school. Take care!

  13. I love your new cheerful for your first day back at school. I retired after 40 years in elementary classrooms, but I remember the UGH the last week of summer break.
    Good luck this school year. Enjoy the students; I did.

  14. I love your back to school purse.


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