Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just Can't throw Them Out!

I had every intention of cleaning
 up the mess of scraps leftover
from making myJuly Schnibble quilt
 and then trying out my new Accuquilt Go! 

It was made with 2 packs of charm squares from the Moda Verna line.  I had a pile of leftover 1" X 5" strips from each of the charm squares

and also a pile of tri-pieced strips cut off from the border tri-rail fence blocks.  I just reallllly heart these fabrics, so I just couldn't throw them out.

Sooooo, I got to thinkin'...
(scary, huh?)
If I sewed the tri-strips together
and made 9 patches and sewed the
1" wide strips together, I might be able
 to make a scrappy Verna purse!!

I also had some leftover strips of the background polkadot fabric.  I came up with the combined piece shown above.  I ironed on 2 layers of fusible fleece and quilted them all together with a simple meander and soft pastel variegated thread.  I then used it to cut out a lining piece in the same shape.  I also had  extra 9 patches so I made two lined pockets

I used one of the sets of pieced strips
 to make 2 padded handles.

So, taaaaaa daaaaaa!  Meet my
Scrappy Verna Purse!

Don't you just LOVE making stuff from
 bits and bobs of leftovers that some
 folks would have just thrown away??

I used a crazy paisley scrap from my stash to line it!

Sooooo, waddaudink?????


  1. OMGosh you are a purse crazy genius! I KNEW you were going to make a new purse even before I scrolled down your post!!! LUV it. Is this going to be your back to school one or do you have something else in mind for that?

  2. Brilliant idea--beautiful result!!! I was thinking of trying to make a new back to school carry bag--Now I will definitely try to find some ideas.

  3. It's even more beautiful because you made it from the leftovers!! Well done. I believe you should stand up and take a bow!! ~karen

  4. WOW! Very cool! Love the bag :-)

  5. I think I finally found someone as nuts as me!! I thought I was the only one who kept those little 1" cutoffs of the charm packs and sewed them back together again! LOL! what can I say, great minds think alike!

  6. Polly I just love your bag out of those gorgeous scraps.

  7. I thinks you are one smart cookie :)


  8. It's absolutely gorgeous! I can't believe you did that all from scraps. Incredible!

  9. Oh my gosh, that is so pretty Polly! I ♥ it!

  10. What can't you make?!?!?!?! LOL! Okay, that's one cool purse!

  11. Gorgeous purse Polly. You are so creative...I love seeing the pictures of the things you make.


  12. WONDERFUL!!! You are a very clever girl!

  13. I think you have yourself a WINNER, Polly.

    You are such a gifted person. I always love jumping over here to check on you - to see what you're creating.

    This is so "charming". You make me smile.

  14. Polly, I love the purse! What a clever use of scraps. Such talent!

  15. I love what you did with your scraps. Love that purse. You are so clever! It's like getting something for nothing.

  16. I dink I love it! I also am new to your blog but will definitely be ack to look around more.

  17. And you just whipped this up on a whim? No pattern?? AMAZING!

    I need detailed directions and then it still doesn't always work!! hehehe

    Beautiful job!


  18. Very cool! I LOVE your new bag! You are brilliant!!!

  19. Awesome purse!!! I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one who can't throw even the smallest pieces away.

  20. I love using up scraps. How cute is this bag. Sometimes the cutest things come from scraps and your imagination. I love your site. I too,am a sew-er. Please come vist. And...... my daughters name is Polly!


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