Friday, April 17, 2009

Mud Room Reorg!

I've not been doing any piecing or quilting or garment sewing this week...busy doing some reorganizing in the mud room now that the old utility sink has been removed and new shelf in it's place.

I had an old stuffed bear plastic bag holder on the wall in was so dingy and dusty that I couldn't "bear"...pun intended... to put it back up in there after the sink was removed. So, I found some pretty bright floral fabric in my stash and made a new plastic bag holder

and a new lint bag, too.

I'm sooooo glad it's Friday and tomorrow it is to be warm and sunny! YAY!! I hope to get some garments sewn up this weekend! Also need to get some projects together and cut out to take to quilt retreat this coming weekend! I like to have everything cut out and ready to sew when I get to retreat. Our Centreville Quilter's Unlimited guild has their retreats now at the Hunting Ridge Retreat center in Winchester, VA.

It's about an hour drive from here... out in the mountains. We have around 22 gals come. It is sooo fun to be around all those talented women who love to sew just like you do! The meals are made and cleaned up for us and the sewing hall is always open so you can sew as late as you want and go in as early as you want... many will be sewing in their jammies until the wee hours... Speaking of PJ's... mine are getting old so have cut out some new ones using this Vogue pattern. I thought it looked neat! We'll see!

Well, off to start some sewing until hubby gets home! What are you doing this weekend? Something fun, I hope! :-)

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