Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Clothes Sewing!

CJ Tinkle, on her blog - had been sewing some new cool pants until she got into getting her spring garden beds ready for planting. Well, I'm SOOOOOOOO not a gardener, but I do need some new spring tops to wear! So, as I am trying to use up my stash, which includes fabric bought for clothes, as well as quilts, I went "shopping" in my stash closet for some nice springy looking prints. I pretty much live in pants when it's cold and capris when it's warm with button down blouses, both at work and at home. So spring tops are badly needed!
I can't show you all the patterns I'm using for the tops, as they are all old patterns from my collection by Simplicity, McCall's and Butterick. All with collars, buttons down the front, some with pockets and all with three-quarter length sleeves. Like this one!
But I was able to find some of the fabrics still online to show you.

I am clearly a color junkie! I wear solid color pants and mostly denim of all shades, so I like my tops full of color. I am a "winter" in coloring so jewel tones and brights work well for my dark hair and eyes. Did you have your "colors done" back when that was the "in" thing??? I've always made my clothes, so I found that was very helpful in selecting the best colors for my skin tone.
The bad thing about the early part of the season here in northern VA is that it is still cold! Most days start out in the 30-40 range and end up in the 50-60 range... so I'm still in long pants and jackets...for at least another month.
Last Sunday I cut out 6 tops and today is Wednesday and 3 of them are done!! YAY! And as my hubby is going out of town this weekend, I can sew all day both days!!! Double yay! But, Saturday will be quilt sewing as it is our bee day at my friend Suzanne's house! Not sure what I'll take to work on there yet...
But Sunday will be working on the blouses!!
What are your weekend plans? Save some time for sewing!
God Bless! Polly :-)


  1. I guess I have boring coloring. I can't wear much outside of black, white, navy blue and some warmish pinks. My coloring is a bit weird. LOL I envy you being able to wear all those yummy colors!

    6 tops cut out? Wow! I have to sew as a I cut... no room to do anything else, or patience!

    We're running to Missouri on Saturday, a 6 hour round trip to have dinner with my son and his new wife... Sunday we hope to get all the raised beds leveled. Someday I'll get to sew again!

  2. Pretty pretty fabrics. You'll be all spiffed up when the weather gets warmer. Have fun at the bee on Sat.


  3. Great looking pattern. I recently bought some top patterns as well to make up for the spring/summer. I want time to for "sewcindy"..


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