Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No Text Tuesday - Early Spring in VA

Yogi finally was able to stand long enough to be groomed!

The only flowers out yet are the daffodils.

Pear trees are beautiful -full and white!
My deck is covered with petals!

Forsythia bushes are bright yellow everywhere!

Cherry trees are just budding out front!

Yogi keeping watch out for bunnies in the yard...

The same cherry trees are in Washington D.C.
which is 15 miles away!

Hope your spring is pretty, too!
God Bless, Polly :-)


  1. Your pictures today are lovely. Yogi is just the cutest little dog I have seen in a long time. I am assuming he is a West Highland Terrier? I had one years ago, named Tyler. I enjoy your blog. Winona

  2. Beautiful photos!!!!!


  3. Oh my, those trees are BEAUTIFUL!!
    But, I'll still take Yogi.

  4. Yes, he is a Westie...who thinks he's a person!! We adore him! Now that we are empty nesters, he is our third son!! Polly :-)

  5. Spring is the best season -- everthing is so new and fresh. Your pictures are great.


  6. Your work is gorgeous! & your Westie is adorable!

  7. Aren't those gorgeous? Ours are all done and leafed out already. I'm in line for Yogi though!


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