Thursday, March 19, 2009

Finally Finished and On The Wall!

Ever since I put away my winter snowmen and got out my spring decor, my kitchen wall has been bare! YIKES! So, I've made a wall hanging just for spring! You can tell what designers have influenced my creation...Pat Sloan, if you are reading this- I mean you!!

I LOVE coneflowers, so they have to be included. I also really love the garden themed border is sooooo old...been in my stash for years and years....and I've used it in allot of projects. I am still trying to use up my stash as much as possible rather than buy more fabric. That was one of my New Years resolutions this year. I even had that cool nest fabric!! :-)

I drew the flowers, stems, leaves, nest, eggs and vase on the paper side of fusible, ironed the pieces onto the chosen fabrics and then cut them out and ironed them onto the pieced background. I made the quilt sandwich with batting and backing- pinned together. Then I straight-stitched around all the edges of the appliques first, then did the quilting free-motion. The inner background was just curlicues and the border is done in leaves and vines. I just can't seem to quilt without adding some leaves in there... What's you favorite quilting motif?

I really love that quilt hanger. It's neat because the two branches have holes drilled into the ends and you just cut a dowel to the size of your quilt and stick them on it and hang it up! I bought it online at McKenna Ryan's web site .

I thought first about doing a rabbit and eggs and such...but then figured flowers were not Easter specific and could stay up longer. I like the way it turned out and it took me only 2 hours to quilt it. But those 2 hours did make my recovering shoulder ache...but worth it to have my kitchen wall decorated!! YEA!!! No on to the next project! God Bless! Polly :-)


  1. I love that wall hanging - cool.

  2. The wall hanging is very pretty Polly and definitely Spring. I love how it looks. Great job.


  3. Oh wow, it's really wonderful Polly! What an awesome little wall hanging!

  4. It's adorable, Polly. I love the fabric on the vase, too cute.

    And, the hanger is absolutely fantastic. I plan on going to the link you shared to take a long look. I love "fun" things like this.

    Great job. You've made Pat Sloan smile.


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