Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cute Cowboy Quilt

I went to the Cabin Branch & Stone House Quilter's Quilt Show today in Manassas, VA. It was a small but lively show. My bee friend Linda and I went and we were done in 90 you know it was small!! I found some lovely fabrics.
One of my favorite shops, Nutmeg Lodge, had an adorable little cowboy quilt. The centers of the 12 blocks are cut from a panel with very vintage looking cowboy prints in them. The sashing is a rope print on beige and the pieced borders are blue and red bandana prints.

It will be the perfect present for my sister Sally. She is such a horse gal. She has a farm in northern Florida and way back in the day when we were small we used to love to watch Roy Rogers and Dale Evans and Trigger save the day. Now that's really dating me!! :-) Isn't this a cute one? YEE HAW!
Well, Happy Trails to You!! God Bless, Polly :-)


  1. What a neat idea to use bandana prints on the borders. Too cute.

  2. I loved Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and Trigger too!!! They always saved the day. What a great quilt for such a warm memory.


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