Sunday, March 15, 2009

Do You Use Tweeners?

You probably do use them, but just don't know my pet name for them! When I have leftover little pieces of binding from projects, I cut them into small pieces... about 1 1/2" or so long and keep a pile of them next to my machine.

Have you ever started sewing a seam and the thread tangles at the beginning and you end up with an ugly bird's nest of tangled thread on the bottom? I HATE that, don't you? So, I use these little pieces of folded binding to start the seams and between seams when needed and at the end of seams and leaving the needle down in it, ready for the next seam to sew.

I call them "tweeners" and not only do they stop the bird's nest at the beginning of seams, it saves you all the thread tails you have at the beginning and end of every seam... over time, that is actually allot of thread!

I always like to tell the gals in my classes at the quilt shop about using tweeners and they seem to love using them as much as I do. So, what's your favorite quilting tip? Leave me a comment and share your clever ideas to save time , money and aggravation while quilting! We can all use good tips! God Bless! Polly


  1. Sometimes I use them, but mostly I just hold my upper thread tail when I start stitching. On my 630, I have to do this, on my new 830 and my 730 before it, it really wasn't necessary. Must be the different hook, it doesn't pull the thread down.

    My tip? LOL I'm calling all Fiber Artists to stop reducing their stash and start STOCKING UP! Let's keep our hobby alive by keeping the business going for our retailers.

  2. Hi, Polly! I just found your blog....I am really enjoying it. I try to keep my blog up to date, but very hard working fulltime and being a "young" grandma. I have just really been able to get back to my quilting - and just into a new, remodeled a room for my quiting too.

    I have just started using this "tween" method. It does seem to work very well!

  3. Hi Polly,

    Sorry I didn't have any way else to contact you but wanted to thank you for the comments that you left on my blog. Yes, Mac is our 10 year old Westie who adopted us when we lived in south Florida. This past November, Lola, a 6 year old Golden came to live with us. She adopted us through a Golden rescue organization who recommended us as potential new parents by our Vet. She has a lot of issues, poor gal, but she's coming along nicely.

    I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. Please come back to visit again.



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