Sunday, March 8, 2009

Feels Like Spring

I spent all day Saturday putting away my many snowmen that I put out for decoration in January and cleaning the house. I have big plastic tubs in the basement to store all the seasons of decorations... so the snowmen are back down in the basement and all my bunnies and spring things are out!

I have always loved bunnies and garden decor. But lets make this really clear- I love garden things...wind chimes, flowers, watering cans, birdhouses...but HATE the chore of gardening and weeding. The most I like to do is transplant annuals into pots for my deck and front steps....NO WEEDING!! With my weak knees, the squatting or kneeling is next to impossible. And I hate dirt under my nails! But I do love the look of a wild English cottage garden. This was the front of our home a few years ago in spring. It looks quite different now!

I am a Florida girl- lived there all my life until I moved up here to northern Virginia 10 years ago. So seasons were all new for me. When I first moved here, and the weather warmed up in March /April, I would run out and buy a bunch of beautiful flowers and pot them on my deck and then a cold front would come back and freeze them to death!! ACK!!! So, now I wait until Mother's Day before I do my spring potting.

Anyhoo, Saturday was taken up with these mundane chores, so no sewing! :-( But this afternoon, I finally settled in to sew! YEA!!!! I made up the shop purse from the latest "Quilts and More Magazine". This is now the second shop purse I've made straight from a pattern that is so much smaller in size than the photo makes it seem. This is disappointing... but I guess some gals like small purses. The fabric line is "Pineapple Baroque" by Heather Bailey from Westminster Fabrics. It's very bright and springy!

I am putting finishing the crooked cabin quilt on hold for the time being. Next I am making a quilted wall hanging for over the mantel in our family room. I'm making one of the blocks in the Mckenna Ryan "In Full Bloom" quilt. The block is called "Thyme for Stu". I'm making the colors pretty much as they are in hers, except the background is shaded differently. There is a ton of cutting and fusing and then stitching the edges with clear polyester thread. Want to get it done and up on the wall ASAP!

Then I have my bare kitchen wall again where the snowman wall hanging that I posted last month was hanging, so I then need to make something springy for that space! Any suggestions for a spring or bunny wall hangings? The space is only about 20" wide but can be real long. Let me know your favs!! God Bless! Polly :-)


  1. I love to garden almost as much as I do sewing! I'm not good with potted stuff though, it needs to be in the ground before I have much luck with growing anything.

    Love the little purse, too cute!

  2. I'll take the chimes.....LOL
    Although it looks like I'll be planting a veggie garden at this house. I don't do flowers - sheesh - I can't even keep a green plant in the house - but I do VEGGIES!

  3. I tried veggies and tomatoes when I first moved here. We have these dang ruthless squirrels that ate everything right to the ground...even every pansy, too. In the summer they stretch out on the railing on the deck and sunbathe...while saying "nonnie-nonnie-poo-poo" to the crazed Westie barking from the bay window. TMI, huh??? Sorry! Polly :-)


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