Thursday, March 26, 2009

Long Ago and Far Away...

I moved to northern Virginia in the fall of 1998 from Coral Springs, Florida- a suburb of Ft. Lauderdale. I had been teaching in Broward county then for 20 years and had a craft business down in Florida for about the last 5 years. I made dolls and stuffed critters as well as hand painted wooden decor items. I also sold patterns of my original dolls. My business name then was- guess what? Yes, it was called "Aunt Polly's Porch" and I had quite a following at the local craft fairs. I advertised my creations in the previously published Country Marketplace magazine, and entered and won several of their contests throughout the years. Only some of the dolls and critters in my last post were my own designs, but I did make all of them.
It's funny, but I really LOVED making those dolls and heaven only knows how many of them I made during those years and sold at fairs and through the magazine. I never thought I would tire of making them.
When my husband was transferred to D.C. in 1998, we moved up here and I got a job teaching in Fairfax county. In Florida, I taught handicapped kids in a special education center. My kids were self contained and I did not have allot of work to take home, so I was able to do my craft business in the evenings and summers.

But up here, I taught handicapped kids in a regular school in an inclusion setting, and I had lots of work to take home each night. So, there was no time to continue the business. So, I still sewed clothes and home decor stuff, but missed the therapy of my dedicated sewing. So, as I'd always wanted to learn to quilt, I joined the local guild and got hooked on quilting.

Last year, I wanted to make the quilt shop owner I worked for on the weekends a gift for the store. I saw a pattern for a doll of three connected quilters and thought she might like that as the shop was chock full of quilts already. I figured, making this doll will tell me one of two things... either making it will feel like "coming home"...meaning I had missed making dolls. Or, it will be drudgery and I will know once and for all I made the right decision to end my business. Well, guess what? It was torture and I just wanted to finish it to give it away and knew my doll making days were gladly over! But it was a happy ending anyway, as Sheri liked the gift and it is still in the shop on display. Here's a photo of it!

The dolls in my last post are just my spring ones. I can't wait to show you my dolls for other seasons....especially my Halloween ones, as that is SOOOOOO my favorite holiday! As a native Floridian who never experienced seasons until I moved to VA, I do so enjoy the fall leaves! So, what's your favorite holiday to decorate for?? God Bless! Polly :-)


  1. Well, they're very cute, torture or not! They made me grin :)

  2. Oh Polly, how absolutely darling!!!

    The "girls" are just great. What a special project to end your "doll" making days.


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