Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Retreat Quilts

I finished piecing this first quilt completely at retreat, but did not do the appliqued flowers until I got home. I had decided to use rickrack for the stems and had none at the retreat, so waited to do the applique at home. So, I went out and bought the only 2 shades of rickrack I could find locally and neither one looked right... so I ended up using green variegated thread and satin stitched the stems onto the background. The red flowers and green leaves were ironed on with fusible then stitched around the edges with matching threads. It was made with a jelly roll!

This quilt was made from a kit from Connecting Threads. The colors are so springy and soft! I really love the stripes and how they are cut and placed to make the basket look really woven. The flowers , stems and leaves on this one was also fused on then the edges stitched. The binding is all made from a striped fabric cut on the bias so the stripes are diagonal! Should be really cute!

This quilt was made from a kit I bought at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show back in February. I love Kaffe fabrics and although this quilt is loaded with color and texture with 21 different fat quarters and 2 borders, I just LOVE the overload! The room we sewed in at the retreat was so hot, that I named it "Bohemian Hot Flash". How would you quilt it?

I really need to get to work quilting...I've not done any large projects since I hurt my shoulder and they're stacking up!!! Time to get my Juki back out in the dining room table! Leave me a comment and let me know where you do your quilting! Take care!

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  1. I quilt in my sewing/guest bedroom/office! We have a small house, so I need to make the best use of space. This works okay, but no quilting gets done while we have guests.


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