Saturday, April 11, 2009

UGH! Spring Break is soooo Over!

Well, spring break is over and I am definitely back to reality!! YIKES! The folks we bought this house from 11 years ago installed a utility sink in the laundry room. We've never used it as a sink, but rather, as a storage tub for a bunch of stuff. So, a few days ago, my dryer started taking forever to dry so my husband crawled behind it and disconnected the vent and we cleaned it out. As this process is going on, he made an excellent point, why don't we remove the dang utility sink which takes up 1/3 of the laundry room and is only used to store stuff!! Well, duh!! Can't believe we never thought of that before... genius!!
So, that is what I've been doing! Helped him disconnect the faucet and remove the drain/pipe. We took carried the sink (full if stuff, of course) to the garage. I cleaned up the wall, filled holes with Spackle and went out to Target and bought a shelf unit for that empty space. Got it home, put together and put it in there and it was just too big... so had to take it all apart, put it all back nicely in the box and take it back. Then got a smaller one from Walmart and it's jusssssst right! Room looks so much better and seems so much bigger without the sink!! Just gotta remember now to haul that old sink out to the curb tonight for the garbage men to take away!! So, with all this cleaning up and moving around and reorganizing, it is back to reality! And with all this rain, it's good we're inside working and not somewhere out in it!

Meanwhile, just came in the house and couldn't find the dog....

noticed the couch cushion was pushed out.

And guess who was snuggled down in that
crack snoozing away???? What a life!!

Every day is spring break for this guy!! God Bless! Polly :-)


  1. Now that's too cute for words, Polly, definitely a Kodak Moment.

  2. What a smart dog!! So, does a new cabinet mean more stash space?

    Happy Easter

  3. I have to laugh at you removing the sink. I waited over 30 years to get a utility sink installed in my laundry room. I love my sink mostly because hubs has to wash up out there and only use the rag/towels I have for him. He used to wash up in the kitchen sink and use whatever towel was handy--that's what towels are for. Now he is forbidden!
    Your dog is so darn cute and innocent!


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