Friday, May 1, 2009

Yogi's Hurt Again! :-(

I just found out about a neat spring mini-quilt swap hosted by the Quilt Gallery. You can click on this link and find out about it!

I am SOOOOOOOOOO glad it's the weekend. I am teaching a scrap group at the Artful Quilter shop on Sunday from noon to 3:00 pm, so will be finalizing my thoughts and ideas tomorrow for what we do there. I will be pulling my own scraps to take with me to work on, as well. My scraps are kept here in my sewing room. Think I have enough???? YIKES!!

Tonight while simply walking across the family room while my husband and I were watching TV, my little Westie Yogi yelped and sat down quickly. He would not get up and was protecting the leg he had ACL surgery on back on January 28th... here's a photo of back then right after his ACL surgery.

He was completely back to normal until this. So confusing because he was just walking when he hurt it. I've been on the phone with the doctor on call at his vet office. I gave Yogi a pain pill as the doctor advised and will take him to the vet first thing in the morning. Keep him in your prayers! He's such a sweetie and an integral part of my family. We hope it's not serious.


  1. Polly, I hope your sweet little Yogi will be ok, nothing serious. I'll keep him in my prayers. Winona

  2. Oh no! I do so hope Yogi is okay, and he just moved wrong... that happens to all of us at times! He is such a cutie pie!


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