Monday, May 4, 2009


In preparing for leading the SASSI (Stash And Scrap Intervention) Gals class at the Artful Quilter quilt shop on Sunday, I opened my three big scrap drawers in my sewing room. I don't ever really open them fully...just a slit big enough to shove some scraps in and then close it real fast!! But to get some scraps to bring to work on at the class, I actually opened those three drawers and went through everything...holy moley!! I have LOTS of scraps. And the majority of them were in little grouped piles or baggies...scraps from different quilts...some baggies even had little orphan blocks leftover, too. So, now my mind is on using these scraps to make cool totes and purses, cosmetic bags, book covers, place mats, tea cozies, table runners, etc. I'm figuring that not only can I use these scraps up and empty those drawers, but for useful purposes... like Christmas presents and birthday presents and maybe even some neat stuff for me!!

So, I am into Scrapology!! Here are my first two products!

A little cosmetic bag! From scraps from a quilt I made from the Bleeker Street collection... bought at City Quilter shop in NYC!!

A little soft box to sit on my sewing table for me to throw my selvages in!! I'm hoping to collect enough selvages now to make some cool stuff I'm seeing on the Selvage Blog!!

And Yogi even likes my little selvage box, too! He is feeling much better. He is not even limping now. WHEW! We are feeling we dodged a huge bullet with just a sprain. We are still carrying him up and down stairs, but that's it! So relieved he is not hurting!! Thank you for your prayers! They worked!!

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