Saturday, May 2, 2009

Good News So Far...

I was up all night worried about my Yogi. He seemed to sleep real well... probably due to that pain pill he had previously last night. He sleeps on the bed with my husband and I , so I kept waking up all night to check on him... so it's gonna be a long day for me!

I took him to the vet this morning when it opened. The doctor examined him and watched him walk around and feels Yogi just took a mis-step and strained his repaired knee. It felt to the doctor like the repair was not broken. So he is to continue on the pain pills for a few days and go back to restricted access in the house- no stairs (gotta get the baby gates back out) and no jumping up on furniture. That is the hardest thing to keep him from doing... as with many small terriers, he lives up on the top of the back cushions on the couch. So now, like right after his surgery, he'll be staying in our front powder room that looks out on the front of the house, whenever we are gone form the house.

I am soooo relieved that it looks like at this point he did not re-tear the repaired knee ligament. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for my little Westie's continued good health!


  1. So glad to hear that Yogi didn't retear his ligament. I'm sure you'll take really good care of him.

  2. I know you are glad he got a good report from the vet. Hope he continues to improve.


  3. Woohoo, that's awesome news Polly! Poor little guy... I hear you on the terrier thing, crazy little dogs!

  4. I hope Yogi is doing better soon. We have 2 Cairn Terriers so I know how difficult it is going to be to keep him calm and keep him from jumping. Glad to hear it's not a re-tear!

  5. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts an d words! Today, so far, so good. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that Yogi really is OK!! Try sewing with fingers and toes crossed!! ACK! love, Polly :0)

  6. Hugs to Yogi, Polly. My Westie, Mac, has to go to the Vet tomorrow as we found a 'bubble-like' growth on each of his front paws yesterday. I'm hoping it's nothing more than something to do with his dew claws but at eleven years old, who knows? It's so hard when a fur baby is hurting, isn't it?


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