Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I can't believe I haven't posted since Tuesday! YIKES!! Sorry, but it was a busy week for sure! Anyhoo... I hope all Mothers had a most wonderful and blessed Mother's Day today! It was such a perfect day here! The sun was out all day , 72 degrees and it was very breezy... I could hear all the wind chimes singing all day outside! So perfect for doing some planting!

I asked my dear husband for 2 spiral Juniper trees to put in big pots on our front steps for my Mother's Day gift! He brought them home from the nursery yesterday and I potted them and then today I went out and bought more flowering plants for the rest of the front.

I bought red and pink geraniums and coral petunias and yellow and orange marigolds and some other pretty drapey flowers that I can't recall the name... I cut back all the stringy dead stuff from the grass edging plants and now we just need some mulch to finish up!!

I really hate yard work usually, but it was so relaxing potting the plants today as the weather was just perfect!! NO SWEATING!! Although, the scratchy Juniper foliage has left a nice itchy rash on my forearms! They stopped itching with some topical cortisone cream, so no worries!!

My husband took me and my son and his girlfriend to a very nice Italian restaurant for dinner. I had chicken Alfredo and cheesecake for calories there!!! Did you go out to dinner, too, for Mother's Day?? Hope so!! You deserve to be treated like a queen today!!

I did sew allot yesterday and made a purse from some scraps from a quilt I made my dear sister Patty a few Christmases ago... I'll write about it tomorrow!! I did not get into the sewing room today, but hope to tomorrow after work! I want to get some more cool linen tops made as the warm weather will soon be here to stay!! Hope your day was as relaxing and productive as mine!


  1. Oh Polly, your front walk looks gorgeous. The spirals and the pots are so pretty. Sounds like you had a really nice Mother's Day.


  2. Happy Mothers Day Polly! Your front looks absolutely enchanting, I love those spiral junipers!

    My folks came down so I cooked us lunch (and yep, cheesecake too, LOL).


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