Saturday, May 1, 2010

April Finishes for CGQC and OPAM

I did not get all my April goals completed, but at least April went out with a bang!  I was in the scrap-usin' mode on Thursday and Friday after work.  I made three purses from leftovers!!  The first one I made was from the leftover charms from the Hunky Dory line I used for this month's Schnibbles quilt. 

I had some cute pink plastic handles and matching pink rickrack.  I used a stash fat quarter for the lining and pockets inside.

Next, I used the leftover scraps from the easy Irish Chain quilt  I made from the Amy Butler "Love" collection with matching purple batik for another scrap purse. 

I used the leftover fabric from the backing for that quilt, for the gathered front pocket , the ruffle around the top, for the lining and handle.

I like to sew on some velcro on the lining to close the purse, too.  There are pockets inside, as well.

And the third purse was made from the leftover blocks and scraps from the "Caliente" poppy quilt.

I had the perfect pair of plastic handles for this one, too.  I used fusible web to attach the poppy applique and then quilted the lines on the flower with variegated thread.

I also used the leftover backing fabric both on the front of the purse and for the lining.  It has pockets and velcro inside, too.

So, here are the rest of my April finishes.
I made 2 Abbey bags. One for me...

and for for my dear friend Susan!

I completed my "Caliente" quilt from the Winter Fabric Trends magazine!

I made another purse using strips leftover from a blue Strip Twist quilt.  I called it my Botany Blues purse.

And I completed the April Schnibbles quilt "Tagalong".

So, only 6 finishes for April.  Hopefully my shoulder will start feeling better so  I can get some bigger projects quilted in May.  Gonna hafta play that by ear!  :-)

Today, I used more of the orange and poppy leftovers to make a table runner.  Not done yet, but it was a fun day in the sewing room!  Did you spend some quality time in your sewing area today???


  1. A very productive month with sweet finishes.

  2. OH Polly your bags (purses) are all beautiful.I cannot choose a favorite.
    What great job you have done with all your finishes for April.
    Are the Abbey Bags for putting your threads in whe you sew???With a pincushion attached????

  3. Wow what a productive month! Love the bags.

  4. OMG Poly, all your finishes are so amazing...

  5. You really had a very good sewing month especially the TGIF. I love them all.

  6. You had a really good month! Wonderful bags!

  7. Polly you certainly did good this month. Great finishes. I love all your purses!

  8. Polly you had a great month. My favorite is that Botany Blues purse! :)

  9. That looks like a great month of finishes to me-it sure did go fast!
    I think you should open a boutique...
    "Posh Purses by Polly"---you whip 'em out so fast my head spins! (yes, I'm in purse envy of you!) Thanks for sharing!

  10. Love all the bags. I like Diane's idea about your boutique. Let us know when it's open!

  11. So I have to ask - do your fellow workers call you "Bag Lady?".....LOL

    Polly, I am so impressed with all your wonderful finishes.

    You just make me :-) with all that you do.

    What an inspiration to others.

  12. Polly, you may not have finished everything on your April list, but you still kept pretty busy and did A LOT! Your purses are scrumptious! (Ha, ha, Cindy.....Bag Lady!!) ~karen

  13. Nice job Polly, your bags are awesome! I want to make one of those Abbey bags, with a bag on both sides, to sit on top of my longarm!

  14. Such cute bags - and I love your Tagalong! Great job, Miss Polly!


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