Monday, May 24, 2010

In Progress

I spent all day yesterday doing home stuff... including lots of cleaning!!  So I didn't get into the sewing room at all.  But today, after work, I was able to quilt 
three out of four placemats. 

I'm quilting it in meandering loopies
 using red, white and green thread.

However, today after work, I had to catch up on
the "Lost" finale... VERY disappointed! 
And tonight is the "24" finale for 2 hours! 
So, no more sewing for me tonight!!

I'm thinking of binding them with a
red and white checked fabric.


  1. You always make the cutest things! I love your placemats and the quilting is perfect ☺

  2. Too cute- and I think the red and white check binding would be perfect! Okay - so I liked the Lost finale - except still lots of questions - hoping for bonus features with more answers on the DVDs! And, I'm pretty sad that it's over!

  3. Love the watermelons and ants! So summer, so picnic!

    I was disappointed with the Lost finale, too.

  4. OH I LOVE those place mats Polly. Yes definately red check binding.

    We get the last episode of LOST tomorrow night.

  5. These placemats are so cute! Red/white checks will be the perfect binding, too. I love the way you have matched up your blog decor to the new project-- clever. I spent most of last evening trying to "fix" two baby quilts that became too small after a trip through the washer and dryer-- I am not a Lost or 24 fan.

  6. Yep, I agree, checked binding would look great, these are so cute!

  7. Absolutely love the placemats and your wall hanging, Polly. Checked binding will be perfect. I have been eyeing the pattern book they came from and now I really have to get it.
    Thank you for the great boost of inspiration.

  8. I'm with the majority - love the idea of the red/white check binding.

    And just look at the side borders on your blog - RED AND WHITE CHECK...........with ANTS !!! Too cute.

  9. Adorable.

    At last someone else disappointed in the Lost dead theme. I couldn't believe it.

    24 was expected ... Jack is on the move. Who knows it might come back someday. LOL

  10. I don't watch either but my husband is a Lost "addict" and he was disappointed as well. Go with the checked binding. They are really cute and summery.


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