Friday, May 28, 2010

My Quilting Story

Kelly over at Charming Chatter asked us to share our quilting story.  I have always been into creating things with my hands, although it has evolved over the years!  I started out making doll clothes like so many other!  Now, many made Barbie doll clothes...

well, I made troll doll clothes!  I've always been drawn to magical things like trolls, fairies, witches... which is probably why I soooo love Halloween!

I am the youngest of four daughters and my dear Mother used to sew our clothes when we were small.  I wore lots of hand-me-downs, but back then clothes were made to last!
I used to get all the fabric scraps under her sewing table to make my troll doll clothes.  What fun!!
I took sewing lessons and all the home ec classes offered and made my own clothes in high school and beyond. I got into the craft business in  my 30's and had a nice following in south FL.  I was a member and officer in the Southern Handcraft Society there

 and had a booth in local craft fairs.  I made dolls, woodcraft, painted decor and country critters and eventually sold patterns of my designs, too.   
My crafting business came to a natural end when we moved to northern VA (DC suburb) in 1998. I was still teaching special education, but in an inclusive environment so I spent my evenings adapting work for my kiddos instead of crafting.  But I needed a new sewing activity for stress therapy.  I'd always loved quilts, so it was a natural for someone who loves fabric and sewing as much as I do!
I joined the local quilt guild in 1999

and thus began my quilting journey.  I watched Simply Quilts and attended classes and workshops and as a teacher, I naturally learned allot from books and magazines.  I joined a wonderful bee with 3 dear friends from whom I've also learned allot! 

When our town finally got it's own local quilt shop, I worked there on weekends for a few years until I tore my left rotater cuff and had to stop a year ago, but I still teach an occasional class there.

I love to piece and although I do like traditional blocks and designs, but I also love modern, too- be it designs and/or fabrics.  I am a color freak- there just isn't enough time in the day to quilt with grey and browns and beiges... GIVE ME COLOR!!  And fabric?  You saw my stash....  fabric just reaches out and grabs me!!  Ineedagottahavit!!
So, that's my little quilting story.  Probably pretty similiar to many others out there!  But maybe yours is different?  Would you share it with us, too?


  1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful quilting journey!

  2. I love your troll doll clothes story! Thanks for sharing Polly!

  3. Got to say this....LOL
    "No wonder we get along - you like trolls and witches..." LOL

    Our daughter has a HUGE HUGE collection of trolls, all sizes!!!

  4. Oh, Polly - what an AWESOME journey! Okay - so I LOVE the poodle skirt and sweater on your troll doll - too CUTE!! You're such fun! And, it's amazing that you've just been quilting for about 10 years - and look how far you've come! I'm with you - I love color (here recently I'm into BRIGHT Color)!!! I'm so glad to get to share in the journey with you!!

  5. Oh Polly... reading your story brought back memories of my own... as we have a lot of similarities. I loved sewing for my dolls. Your outfit on your troll is so adorable! I too started quilting in 1999 and started my mad stash of fabric at that time because... just like you... fabric just reaches out and grabs me! :)Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thank you for sharing your quiting journey with us.

    Halloween is not big in Aussie but it is catching on. Love your wee troll doll too.

    Yes I started with making dolls clothes then my own, on to my childrens ,grandchildren and now I will be making for my first Great granchild. YooHoo!!!

    Started quilting in 2000 and just love it. Like you brights are my favorite colours to work with.
    I enjoy making quilts for charity best.

  7. I love Halloween too! LOL!

    What a journey! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Polly, thanks for sharing your story with us. I loved making doll clothes too - and your little troll girl is too cute!!!


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