Monday, January 31, 2011

Holy Snowballs, Batman!

YIKES!  Lately, we’ve been on quite a rollercoaster when it comes to weather.  Maybe it’s my fault by buying and displaying this cute little sign in my sewing room???


We’ve had some really cold temps and some sleet and lots of snow.  And tonight we are to get some more ice.  ACK!  I am scared of driving on icy roads… so keep your fingers and toes crossed that it passes us by and we get none!  We’ve now used all three built-in snow days plus one more…sigh… so we will be going to school on President’s Day to make it up…really big longggg sigh.

I did, however, finish my “Holy Snowballs” quilt.  YAY!


Isn’t it just the funnest quilt, ever??


And so smart of the quilt shop that put the quilt and kit together.


It allowed them to use up the leftover bolts of all the collections that did not sell.


Very clever indeed!!

We did lose electricity for one of our snow days off…so was not able to spend it sewing.  But it did come back on and I am knee deep in a new Moda Bake Shop project…  it’s a fun one, too!

Stay tuned… grinning…!



  1. That quilt is so colorful and fun. Yes, it was quite clever of the quilt shop. After reading your weather report, I had to see where you're located, and we're practically neighbors! Do you go to the Sully Quilt Show?

  2. I love your snowball quilt. It's a very cheerful quilt.

  3. What a great quilt! LOVE it! Stay warm!

  4. Your quilt says FUN all over it. I like how the kit was put together, using "left-overs".

    Look forward to your next Moda Bake Shop recipe. I know it'll be delicious.

  5. I love that funny snowball quilt. Great way to use up your ugly bits.
    Hope you did not get the ice.
    Looking forward to seeing what you are creating for Moda.

  6. CUTE quilt - and I can't wait to see your new MBS project! I'm in the blizzard too - Yippee!!

  7. Guess it is your fault. I'm sure lots of folks will want to know when you are finished with snowballs!!!!!

    Love that cute scrappy snowball quilt.

  8. Hi Polly! Yes, we have lots of snow and cold, too. And last night got a thick covering of ice...Yuk! I am so ready for Spring!

    That Snowball quilt is adorable. Those ladies at your quilt shop really were clever to use us those fabrics like that! And I am definitely looking forward to your next MBS recipe! :o)

    Stay warm!



  9. Polly, you need to get a hand turned sewing machine for power cut days. Bev in Britain.

  10. Love the quilt! I don't know about you, but I am ready for spring and walks to the park with Jack!!

  11. Hi Polly, your snowballs quilt is absolutely adorable - love the colours and the different sizes - perfect!
    Chestermere, Alberta, Canada

  12. Hi Polly! Is this a pattern that can be purchased? Looks like it would work great with layer cakes. Thinking of you. Wondering if you have decided to retire. Retirement was the right decision for me even though it was a difficult decision to make. I miss the kids and faculty, but not much else:)

  13. Hey Polly ~ Just thought I would pop on over to see what it is that you are up to and my oh my as usual... it is another gorgeous quilt. Love it!
    Can't wait to see what it is you are baking!


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