Thursday, January 13, 2011

I’m Still Alive!!

OK,OK… it’s been a while since I posted… been enjoying having my son Anthony home from VA Tech.  He’ll be going back to school in the next few days. :-(


We’ve been playing a new family word game at night after dinner.  Have you played it?


It’s fun and much faster than Scrabble.  So, I guess you could say I am SAVORing my time with my son!  :-)


Three of us in my office at work received iPads for Christmas.  I made myself a bag for mine immediately but my friends did not have a case for theirs… Sooooo, I made them each a new iPad sleeve!


I selected green fabrics of different values and texture and cut them into strips of various widths.  I sewed them together to make two sides and a flap to close it.


I layered the two pieces with some batting and quilted them with an allover meander.  I cut off the ends of both pieces and rounded the edges, and sewed them right sides together then turned and top-stitched it.


I added Velcro to the bag body and flap and I cut two pieces of Minkee for the lining.


Sew up the bag and lining side seams and make sure you leave an opening in one side of the lining to turn it through.


Sew up that opening in the lining, push the lining down inside the bag and topstitch around the top edge of the sleeve.


VOILA! TAAAA DAAAA!! All done!!  What are you all sewin’ on out there??  Something fun??



  1. Very cute, though I am particularly fond of yours. :) I'm new to your blog but am loving what I read. This weekend, I finished my first Amy Butler Birdie Sling bag. I used coffee themed fabrics and I love it!

  2. Love the covers for your iPads.Thanks for the tut Polly.

    It is lovely to have your kids at home.

    Oh yes we have had Bananagrams for about a year now and love it. Play it every chance I get. My DD2 even plays it on facebook.
    My GD2 got Pears and Pairs for her B/D last week. A new game brought out by the some company. Also fun to play.

  3. Okay, okay, I'm LOVING this idea of using Minkee as a liner. I'd have never thought about using it. Since I will be making Kelli a slip soon for her iPad, I might steal your idea.

    Love it Polly.

  4. Bananagrams? I'm going to have to put that on our list. Right now, our family is into 'Operation' & 'Connect 4'!

  5. Isn't great when your kids come for a visit:) My TX son and his family will be here next week.

    Love the socks graphic on your sidebar. It's a hoot!

  6. Ooohhhh ..... that Bananagrams is fabulous!!!! We love it here.

    I like your IPad case. Minkee would be so soft for it too.

  7. I love the ipad sleeve, so nice of you to do that for your c-workers...nice to have your son home for a while; I have not played that game but I have seen it...I guess I will have to give it a try...

  8. Please let Anthony know that the Jet's are my second favorite team. Jim Leonard the outstanding defensive player is from a very small school district in our conference. I watched him 4 years in high school against my son's team.

    Bananagrams is great! I use it in my classroom--Love your IPad casees!!!

  9. What a wonderful bag. Love the tips you shared. I can't wait to make one and use Minkee. Makes it very special and I had never thought of it. Great idea. thanks for sharing.


  10. I've never even heard of Bananagrams!

    Love the idea of using Minkee for the lining. Great idea!

  11. Love this sleeve! I have a new iPad and want to try it. I'm new to making bags, and missed where you added the flap.nWas that the last step? After creating the sleeve, you just sewed it on?

  12. Sadly I don't have an iPad... but I love the Bananagram game! I will have to get that. I love Scrabble... and I usually get to play when I am savoring time with my sons!

  13. What a great Christmas present and the sleeve you made for it is perfect in the greens - love it!
    Chestermere, Alberta, Canada


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