Sunday, January 2, 2011

Snowman Maniac

Yup, that’s me!  I decorate with only Santa’s , gingerbread folk, and angels for Christmas so I put out all my snowmen in January. 


By the time Christmas is over, I’m tired of red and green and am ready for some cool blues and purples. 

Do you do this, too?


How does your sewing room look when you are in the middle of a project..or two…or three…


I’ve got little piles of fabric and supplies all over my sewing table.


Yogi isn’t bothered by my mess!


Well, I had a few small snowman projects in the works for the last week after Christmas, but had to keep stopping due to various holiday happenings…


but I finished binding them all and sewing on the labels on New Year’s Eve while watching TV with hubby until the wee hours of the new year!


Here’s the mini tabletop snowman


I had my heart set on using the frosty periwinkle blue with snowflakes for the background and the knit looking print for the hat and muffler…but they were pretty close in value… so I did the edge-stitching in red to try to create a line of demarcation.


So, I tried to lighten the background a bit by quilting tight swirls with white thread… so fun to do.


Here’s a little Sandy Gervais quilt made from a charm pack.  I made the same quilt last winter but it lives in my cubby at work now, so I remade it to use above my mantle.


He just has such a winning personality, don’t you think?


I love the addition of pink and aqua in this collection! Plus, I added a carrot nose! He’s gotta breathe!


Finally, I needed a new small greeter quilt for my front door.  This happy guy is perfect to stand out on my dark red front door! 


The print I used for the border is an oldie but a goodie!!


I love the little cardinal birdie at the bottom and the swirly twirly blue background fabric!  I admit, I’m a polka dot freak, too!

So, have you done any sewing in 2011? I’ve had “snow” much fun!!



  1. Love your snowmen! The square shaped one with the attitude makes me think it was made similar to, of all things, a jar (bug jars, food jars,etc). I have fabric and partial pattern of one... I like it!

  2. Hi Polly,

    First - and most important - Yogi is just so cute.

    Your sewing room is so neat!!! You put me to shame. )o:

    I like your idea of snowmen in January. And I love your creations. If you run out of room I will send you my address, I have lots of wall space. Hahahahahaha....


  3. Oh Polly, You have been busy.I love snowmen any time of the year.Yours are too cute. Not much happening here. Mind you I made 55 prairie points. Does that count for sewing. I just love how Yogi sits up that high. How do you keep his mouth that clean?

  4. Ohhhh I love each and every one of your quilts - they are all adorable. All of my Christmas decorations are down now and I don't replace them with anything which is a bit boring - I like your idea better :0)

    I love seeing pictures of Yogi - he is so sweet and how I wish I had your sewing room - it's ace!

  5. Yep! Nice sewing room. And I like your snow men snow much.

  6. they're all so cute! I especially love the tabletop mini, and I love how you quilted the door greeter. Enjoy your snowmen, and let's hope that's all the snow you have to endure.

  7. oh I just love snowmen too!
    what cute little snowmen wall hangings I need to make them too!
    love that blue in the background, just perfect!

  8. Just finished putting away Christmas, but left all the snowmen out! I just can't put everything away...too depressing! Love all your snowmen wall hangings!

  9. Oh Polly - I love all of your snowmen!! What a great idea - and if I could just say - Yogi is TOO cute!!!

  10. They are gorgeous!!! I love your mini-quilts especially the Sandy Gervais one with the pink and aqua! :)

  11. Love all the snowmen Polly. No sewing/quilting, my last houwseguest (son) left this morning, I am just now taking down Christmas decorations. On to January and lots of sewing. BettyLou

  12. Polly...Adorable snowmen...all of them!

    I take down all my Christmas ornaments/decorations (still working on it) but leave up my snowmen for January & February!

  13. Love your snowman. I do the same thing. Christmas gets put away and the snowman come out. I have a table topper frame just like yours but have not made anything to hang on it. Your snowman you have hung on your hanger is really cute.

  14. Your snowmen are cute! So is Yogi. Looks like he is good company.

  15. I love snowmen!!!! and yours are just adorable! =) Thanks for sharing them with us. =)


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