Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our First Snow Day!

I bought this cute sign from Connecting Threads and


just put it on my sewing room window last night. It was wonderfully prophetic!!  We woke up to ice-covered roads and walks, so


I should be upstairs sewing this very moment… but am here with my second cup of coffee watching the latest Masterpiece Theater series “Downton Abbey”


I love period pieces… and could sit here all day watching it.  But am only allowing myself 2 hours of

lollygagging and SAVORING!!

Then I’ll be off to get this top all pinned and ready to quilt!  My bee mate Suzanne gave me this kit for Christmas and it is soooooo me!  

Bright and fun!

holy snowballs

The name of the pattern is “Holy Snowballs” and is the perfect project for my first snow day off!!  :-)

What are you up to today??



  1. love the snowballs quilt~I made one long long ago, but it was all the same size snowballs. looks great! and so bright and cheery/uplifting! happy Tuesday!

  2. Happy snow day. I can't wait to see Holy Snowballs finished. Love the colors.

    Dark & gloomy here today, good day to stay put and work in the craft room. (o:


  3. Yesterday, although I did make it to work, was another snowy start. Good thing MLK day was a day off for most of the schools in the area. Venturing out with fewer cars on the roads makes the commute a lot less stressful. Today is prep some t-shirts for my next t-shirt quilt (actually this one is going to be a 'duvet' cover for a comforter in our camper, so no real quilting/batting will be involved). Have the black shirts fused just need to do the white ones. Love the colors in the snowball pattern shown. Thanks for sharing!!;-)

  4. That sign is so cute! I would have had to buy it too.

    Downton Abbey - it was fabulous - I was glued to the screen when it was on in the UK - normally I'm not that fussed on period dramas but this one really captivated me. I think they are making a follow on.

    Fab Holy Snowball pattern!

  5. Cute sign! I may have to stitch that! Now get to work on those snowballs.

  6. Love the sign! Nashville has already used up all their allotted snow days. They are super cautious around here when there is snow. Enjoy your time in your sewing room.


  7. No snow out here in Boston, VA. It has missed us every time this year. Some of the old timers say the Blue Ridge Mountain protects us. Glad you had an extra day for fun stuff.

  8. Love the sign. Enjoy your snow day off Polly.
    Did you get your gorgeous Snowball top started?

    My DD2 said she would love to see the movie with those period pieces in too.

  9. You know what they say----Be careful what you pray for. Enjoy the snow, we haven't had any this year. The Snowball quilt is awsome, to quote my 12 yr old grandaughter.

  10. Love your snow sign!

    I've been watching Downton Abbey on PBS weekly. It is intriguing, though I'm not entirely happy with it. I won't be adding it to my collection of BBC period pieces.

  11. TOO funny - I bought that sign from Connecting Threads too -so darn cute! Happy Snow Day to ya - think we'll have another one tomorrow! Loving that bright and cheery quilt - so you Miss Polly!

  12. I saw your post over at Stash Manicure. Cute idea on the laptop bag! I noticed you were using the BSR on your Bernina. I purchased a Bernina a few months ago with the BSR. The BSR seems so jerky when I use it. Do you have any tips or words of wisdom on what I might be doing wrong? I like to use the BSR with the foot pedal.


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