Thursday, July 5, 2012

Totin’ The Beach Around…

I finished the batik beach tote finally, yesterday afternoon!!


I really had fun quilting it with cool beachy motifs! 

Like some sea shells…


and a crab with big claws…


and a tall regal seahorse…


and a graceful sea turtle…


and a sharp toothed shark!!


Soooo, guess what Yogi did while I was quilting the bag???

First he was quite antisocial…


Then he seemed to show a bit of interest in the project…


Then he changed position…


And started snoring…


LOUDLY!!  ZZZzzzzzzz!! 


What a life!!

Soooo, what are you sewing on these days??



  1. What a beautiful bag. Amazing free motion quilting. I love that shark!


  2. Great project, wonderful quilting. My little dachshund is sitting with me now as I try to type his head is on the keyboard. They don't get too far from us, do they? Wouldn't have it any other way.

  3. The quilting on your bag is so cute!

    My 20 lb. cat lays on my ironing board when I'm sewing. I usually have to move his tail to make a little room for pressing. Gotta love our pets!

    My latest projects have been some red, white, blue table runners and trying to make some progress on my UFOs.

  4. I love, love, how you quilted your delightful bag. Excellent. Yogi is a dear. I have a couple fur babies that make sure I stick to my job, a mini schnauzer and a poochon (poodle, bichon mix. I'm working on our guild's president quilt at the moment. You know where everyone turns in a block and you hope for some consistent size. Have a good weekend.

  5. Beautiful beach bag and the quilting is lovely!
    I do enjoy the pictures of Yogi. I have a little sheltie who sits under my sewing table. Our furry friends are so precious.

  6. Your beach bag looks fabulous with all the sea creature motifs quilted on it.
    I am hoping to get the boarders on a Jelly Roll quilt I did at retreat.

  7. Wonderful beach bag. Nice quilting motif! Yogi is as cute as ever.

  8. I haven't gotten started on a new project yet. I have lots planned though,unfortunatly summer seems to be fleeing. Of course some people do not have to worry about that.LOL Yogie is going to love having you home for good now. I am still hoping someone will call and tell me they have my Blue Dog. I miss him so much!
    Suzan Ladybug Cottage

  9. I love how you made your beach bag and loved the quilting you did....did you free motion quilt it with a regular sewing machine? I am trying my hand at doing quilting other than stippling with my domestic sewing machine...I would love to be able to make beach designs like yourself...

  10. Love the bag! And love the dog! Your style is fabulous! Glad I found your blog!!!

  11. Your beach tote turned out beautifully Polly, and I just love your quilting on it too!!! Lucky Yogi!!!!

  12. I love how you have finished it with all that glorious quilting, especially the seahorse.
    It is fantastic!
    And as for Yogi...what a cutie-pie.

  13. Your puppy is too cute. Love the bag too!


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