Monday, January 28, 2013

Packing, Packing, Packing!

We made it through the home inspection and are waiting for appraisal and final details involved with closing on the sale of our home on February 28th!
(above pix taken 9/12)
I’m taking one room at a time… lots of boxes and newspapers and tape!!
Yogi knows something is going on…
none of the rooms are like they used to be!! He follows me around the house like a shadow.
Our new home being built should be ready in July, we think, so we will be living elsewhere for at least 6 months!
We have rented a first floor two bedroom apartment with a garage nearby and will start taking boxes over to store in the second bedroom and garage.
I have packed up about half of the sewing room…
the stash closet is still to be packed!  VERRRY SCARY TASK, INDEED!!
Thanks for sticking with me through this new chapter!!  I put all my kits and precuts in bags to take with me to the apartment.  I will be sewing again, soon, I hope!!
In the meantime, I think we need MORE boxes!!
P.S.  Still reeling from dear Sybil dying last night on Downton Abbey!! Really mad at Sir Robert!!


  1. Good luck on the move, and SO with you on Sir Robert!!

  2. I am so NOT jealous!!!! What a task it is to pack everything up like that.

    Oh no...we taped our Downton Anney last night to watch tonight. I'm not sure I can bear to watch it now.

  3. Congratulations on selling your house! Moving is not fun, especially when there is a gap in the final settle. Best of luck with packing and all you are trying to do right now.

  4. Moving is so stressful, but I'm sure you are thrilled to have the house sold and know your new one will be ready eventually. I used our last move to reduce the clutter - I thought. My theory is that stuff multiplies while in the boxes.

  5. Seams you are doing well with the packing BUT my DD said HOW are you going to fit in an apartment..LOL

    We could always relief you of some of the stash...LOL

    OH NO!!! We haven't even started the new series of "Downtown Abbey" Down Under yet...

  6. I know...right?! When Cybil died, I was like "whaaaa?!!!" It was heartbreaking. When she started asking her mom to take care of Tom and the baby, I knew something was up.

    Good luck with the move. I know how unpleasant packing up a home can be as my husband and I are moving to Florida at the beginning of March.

  7. I would be taking my time on packing up that stash closet too. I would get so distracted looking at all that beautiful fabric!

    Good luck with your move.

    Totally agree with you about Downton Abbey.

  8. Pack carefully, you always need something long packed away...then have to wait until you unpack!! I hate moving!! I was horrified with the outcome on, love, love that show, but it is a topic that needs a lot of attention!!

  9. Sir Robert should spend many days in the guest room in my opinion.

    Your post is so familiar as I remember the months before finally moving. I ended up packing all of my stash in plastic tubs knowing that some things were just going to have to live in the garage since we downsized. I got the stash in the sewing room and put the batting, squares, strips and misc. in tubs in the garage.
    Poor Yogi looks so forlorn and out of sorts. My Casey was the same and now loves her one story home. Keep sane,keep sorting and keep packing.
    Judy C feels your pain

  10. I am such a pro at packing I can't even begin to explain. DH was in the military, and I packed and un-packed so many times. I was VERY careful to label those boxes with exactly what was in them, and which room I wanted them to go in. That way the "helpers" would deliver them to the correct room, and I wouldn't end up moving them over and over again. That, and in the midst of unpacking I could hopefully find the right box when I needed it. I would tape a little index card on the side listing exactly what was inside (for myself), and in big letters list exactly which room to deliver the box to. Sometimes they actually got it right LOL. I hope your move goes smoothly, and your build gives you your dream home! Ooh with a lovely quilt room you will proudly show us in great detail!

  11. One step at a time, one packing box at a time. Isn't it easy to say that to someone? Well, you can remind me when we begin our new adventure.


  12. I sure don't envy you having to pack up and move everything. The next time I move, I'm going to hire a giant dumpster for my yard, and half of what's in the house will go in there! Be sure to keep the sewing machine handy!!

  13. I'm so excited for you Polly. Hope you have a smooth transition into your apartment and then your new home. Did you plan the sewing room -- I bet it will be awesome:)


  14. The home you're leaving is beautiful. I've enjoyed seeing pictures of it here and there. Can't wait to see what your new home will look like! Did you design it yourselves? I must admit I watched my very first episode of "Downton Abbey" last night just by accident as I was looking through the channels for a show to watch. I am now hooked and am planning on finding Seasons One and Two to get caught up!

  15. Poor Yogi looks so confused. I'm sure it's hard work but it will be worth it in the end. I can't stop thinking about the Downton Abbey episode last night...can't believe it!

  16. You have a big job ahead of you, but doing a great job so far. Things will get back to 'normal' before you know it.

  17. Moving is such a big job! I just did it last summer, and I do not envy you.

    I'm crushed over Sybil. Also, I think Mary is acting like a witch--I just want to shake her.

  18. Whew...I feel the pain and excitement! Two peas in a pod! Lol

  19. Polly congratulations on selling your house. Packing is the biggest thing especially the sewing room. I couldn't believe the number of boxes of quilting fabric and projects I had.LOL Wish I could come and help I have done a lot of moving in my life, but I will send you blessings.Yogi does look so upset no wonder he sticks so close to you. Take care and don't over do. When do you have to be out of your house? Blessings Sandra

  20. You're doing well with your packing! Oh no! Spoiler alert...Downton Series 3 starts here in Australia this Sunday coming! However a friend downloaded the series via ITV (UK channel) before Christmas. We have the series on a USB but have only watched 2 awful that Sybil dies...I guess I will have to be brave...:-)

  21. Looks like you have a great start on packing. Keep us posted. (I need to start getting ready to move too-even tho we are not going for several years, but it will take me that long to get ready.)

  22. I don't envy you one little bit LOL! Packing and moving can be a scarry life event, you just don't realise how much 'stuff' that is collected in a lifetime - one of the worst reality checks, especially for quilters.......
    I wish you all the very best with this move and hope you new home will be ready for you in time!!!! Lots of reassuring hugs and attentions to Yogi - it's scarry for him too!!!

  23. Sheesh, that's a stash and a half to pack! I remember packing all mine in one box last time we moved, nearly 4 years ago. Now I'd need my own shipping container! Well, not really, but it's grown considerably since. I hate packing. I put it off til the latest I can. It still all gets done in time! Good luck with your move and house building. I hope the weather is kind to you for both.

  24. I'll lay odds your sewing room will end up with the most boxes...LOL (I say that with lots of love).
    I'm sending you cyber hugs - as well as Yogi. Give him an extra hug each day to help him.
    I think you know me by now, our four-legged friends are dear to my heart. BUT - so are YOU , Dear Polly.

  25. You have a lot of stuff there! I wonder how many days it took you to pack everything. And did someone help you to do it? Anyway, July is near. How's you house now? You'll be packing and moving one more time and I hope the next will be less stressful. Good luck!

    -Pedro Padro

  26. That was a little inconvenient to have to move 6 months ahead before your new house is ready. But then again, during that time, nothing can be more inconvenient than packing your things. Packing is tiring, but it teaches us some things. We've moved several times last year, and I noticed that it improved my sense of organizing. I tend to plan and narrow down things now, just like properly grouping things, which should go together in a box. What's the one lesson you learned from the experience? :) Clay @World Packaging Inc.

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  28. In packing, never set aside the importance of keeping things organized. Also, use proper packing materials like getting the right size of boxes, packing tapes, or bubble wraps to protect your things. Whether you're transporting it to a far away land or somewhere near, you still have to do things the right way to prevent any inconvenience or damage along the way.

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