Friday, January 11, 2013

Sick of Cleaning!!

What a busy few weeks!  I am beyond SICK and TIRED of cleaning this house every day in readiness for possible showings.  Selling your home is such a pain… in the knees, shoulders, back…  ugh!!  I don’t think this house has ever been so clean for so long!!  But I do so appreciate your fingers being crossed for us to sell it soon!!


My family was here two days after Christmas and stayed for a week!  We had such fun!  Lot’s a food and sharing and games and movies!  Then back to reality when they left… more cleaning and clearing out of the house for showings.  You end up removing all the stuff that makes your house your home… hate how plain it looks, but the agents say this will help the house sell.  UGH!!


Because of all this house for sale stuff in the month of December, I did not finish my son’s t-shirt quilt for one of his Christmas presents.  So, as soon as my company left and the house was back to normal, I finally got back in the sewing room and completed his quilt!!


The shirts were trimmed to 15 1/2” square and some that only had small designed were pieced into four patch squares.


The bad thing about guy t-shirt quilts is that most all the shirts are black or navy or white…yuck!!  How come guys don’t wear colors??


Anyway, I found some awesome Ford Mustang fabric for the backing, which is perfect as he loves Mustangs! 


I gave it to him yesterday and he loved it!  YAY!!  And it was only 2 weeks late!! 


I have packed up all I can in the house until it’s sold, so I can get back to more sewing.  I fell in love with this quilt on Pinterest-

beauty quilt

And bought the pattern and have been going through my Kaffe stash to duplicate it!!  Here’s the link for the pattern-

So, what have you been sewing on this new year??

snow cozy

Yogi says hello!!



  1. The colors are perfect for a guy quilt..there is just enough color from the designs to perk it up, and I love the mustangs! Hopefully you are continuing to sew and quilt some while waiting for the sale. Good luck on that.

  2. Polly, you've let me know what I'm in for when my house goes on the market in April. After 23 years its time to move into Senior Independent apartment. I hardly know where to begin to sort, toss or pack. One place for sure is my quilting room-it'll pack last. I've already heard from realtor about "creating a feeling of space", sheesh. We'll both be happiest when our homes sell, but till then, just breathe. Always enjoy your blog and hope you won't quit.

  3. Please, don't pack Yogi away. He looks like he's trying to hide in your one pic so he doesn't accidentally end up in a box. LOL

  4. Even poor Yogi is worn out from all the cleaning...
    Your son's T-shirt quilts looks great and I love the backing..
    I have been busy too making a quilt out of clothes for a young lady who lost her DH last year.... I am pleased it's finished..

  5. I haven't been sewing at all! Before the holidays I was in a clean-out mood, so worked on that, but now I need to get back to it.

  6. Oh thank you for posting the kaffe fasset quilt. I think I will make one. It is so easy, don't even need the pattern. Sooooo nice indeed!

  7. I love the T-shirt quilt, even the black, white, navy and red! LOL As for the new quilt pattern, I made a baby quilt two days ago using that block in an X and O pattern. Pulled out some charms and sewed the 2.5" squares to the corners, trimmed and put it together. I just love it. I am going to try that layout next. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Really great quilt , a real guy quilt ! Good luck with your sale maybe it will sell this week :-)

  9. Totally understand about selling the house.
    Love your T-shirt quilt, I have made one and now working on the second, what size is the finished one here? Did you quilt it on your sewing machine? How did you roll it up, is there any pictures of you doing it. The one I'm doing is 5 across and 5 down, looks like it would fit a king size bed. the last time I had a longarm to quilt it. Any help would be great. Thanks

  10. OOOhh, I love that quilt pattern. gonna run over and grab it :) We moved 4 times in 3 years,each time a different house, I kept deleting(getting rid of)stuff each move and we may be moving again soon. I totally get the "keep the house show ready"experience. but I have to tell you, when we house hunted, the last thing I looked at was decor or the clean thing...I was only looking at what I would do if I bought it.

  11. Sounds exhausting! The T-shirt quilt turned out wonderful and I'm sure will be well loved. Great job!

  12. I feel so bad that you have to spend so much time cleaning and not sewing! I really hope the house sells soon. The tee shirt quilt came out nice! I made one for my husband, but I jazzed it up by sashing with a turquoise fabric. I've been busy finishing things. I have a stack of new projects that I'm itching to get to.

  13. oh I hated showing my house too the times we've sold, I've told hubby that NEXT time, we move first and then sell the house.... and then they have the nerve to say really negative stuff about the house or my STUFF, you're not buying my stuff.... grr

  14. Ill be praying for a quick sale for you!! I'm just glad that we are no longer moving. Six moves in 11 years is a bit much.

    Love your son's tshirt quilt. It looks wonderful!! I should do that with my hubby's navy shirts.

  15. Best of luck for a quick sale! Love the tee shirt quilt :-)

  16. The last T-Shirt I did, I did on a longarm. Can you please tell me how you did your t-shirt quilt a regular sewing machine? Thanks for any help.


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