Thursday, January 17, 2013


Well, first and foremost, a big huge THANK YOU for all you folks with crossed fingers and toes!! We sold the house!!!!  Yaaayyyyyy!! 

We are just waiting now for the home inspector and the appraiser to come to make it final! Yogi is happy, too!! LOL!


I took the leftover half square triangle blocks from the Cascade quilt and made a table runner today.


I used other scraps and pieced the back so that it is reversible.


I just sooooo lovveeee these fabrics.  So my colors!


l always call them Kaffe fabrics but actually more of them are from Phillip Jacobs than Kaffe.


I am such a sucker for luscious florals!!


I quilted it by echoing the zig zag seam lines.


You should see the grin on my face… no more showings!!



  1. Congrats! What a huge relief. What is the next chapter in your life?

  2. Congratulations on selling your house. On to the next adventure!

  3. That's fabulous news. Your runner is many pretty shades of blue, purple and pink.

  4. Congrats on selling your house. Must be a relief to have that over. I love what you did with the table runner making it reversible. And I know what you mean about luscious florals. I'm a sucker for any big florals from Kaffe and Phillip. Wish they'd do more green/blue/aquas.

  5. Yay!! This is great news! Your table runner is beautiful.

  6. Yah Whoooo!!!!! Fabulous ...
    Oh No now for the packing...
    and the excitment of a lovly new home...

    Love the table runner..
    sleep tight Yogi....

  7. That's great news Polly! Beautiful table runner there too!I love all those colours (and those designers) too :-)

  8. Yippee, that was FAST. I'll keep you on my prayer list till closing.

    Happy weekend.


  9. Wonderful news. You will soon be reunited with all your personal "things" which are already packed for the move.

    Your table runner is lovely.

  10. Congratulations, I kept thinking about you and poor Yogi having to leave the house, I think Yogi's cuteness would have been a great way to win people over.

  11. Snoopy Dancing for you! Congratulations! I'll bet you're over the moon! Yogi looks happy, but completely exhausted - it's hard work selling a house!
    Your table runner is super cute and aren't you clever for making it reversible! Smart!

  12. Congratulations Polly, Yogi can finally relax :) What a beautiful tablerunner!

  13. Congrats on the sale and that runner is gorgeous!

  14. Truly happy for you, Polly. I see Yogi isn't getting to excited...he just wants to know where his bed will be next. LOL

  15. Congratulations on selling the house. That is a very stressful time in ones life. Now you can move forward. I love what you did with leftover quilting pieces. Now that is a little less fabric that you will ave to pack for the move. Good luck in the coming months.

  16. Congratulations onf selling your home. I love the table runner and the fact that it is reversable makes it even more fabulous.

  17. Sooooooooooo happy for you and your family. Now the packing and the moving, the unpacking and on and on, but oh so worth it when all is said and done. You will have to post photos of your new home and Sewing Room!

  18. I so understand the feeling as we sold in November and I got so tired of cleaning the house every day. Now for the tiring part, sorting and packing and setting up another sewing room which is much more important than the kitchen if you ask me. Judy C

  19. Very exciting news & what a relief to you.
    The table runner is amazingly beautiful on both sides. I love being able to get two totally different looks out of one project. The colors shout Spring, Hope & Future Dream Homes for You. You can see the relief on Yogi's cute face.

  20. Congratulations , I know this is a huge relief . Lovely runner and very pretty colors!

  21. Congratulations on selling your house! I imagine that is not easy in the current USA economic climate, from what we hear in Australia on the news. I thought the fabrics were Kaffe! They have that look about them. The colours are very pretty.

  22. Congrats!!!!! What a relief! Have you told us where you are moving to or have I forgotten?

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  24. Congratulations on selling the house Polly- now on to the next thing. I am sure you will be glad when everything is packed and moved. Hope Yogi keeps you entertained and that you still will have time to play in the fabric when all the packing is completed.


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