Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Little Slugger Quilt

Back in June, a dear friend sent me the most WONDERFUL birthday box filled with pure fun and sunshine!


When we chatted afterwards, she told me how CRAZY her little two year old son, Henry, is about baseball!

henry 1

I have so many lovely memories from my own son growing up as a baseball player from the age of 5 until he left for college!

the boys

So, I decided to make Henry a baseball quilt!


I searched online and found an adorable panel with 6 scenes about little boys playing baseball!!


I still has some baseball prints in my stash from my own son, and bought a few more online to create Henry’s quilt!

IMG_3161.JPG (2)

My friend sent me some photos of Henry snuggling with his new quilt…


which she says he goes nowhere without!!


Is there any better reason to make a quilt???


And Yogi “paw-picked” the baseball panel I used…

yogi block

     …  can you guess why??



  1. Such a darling quilt! I love the blocks ...takes us back . The little boy is so adorable, and what a joy to know your quilt is being loved and appreciated...

  2. Those are the best kinds of quilts - He will probably still have it even when it only covers from his ankles to his knees. It's an awesome quilt Polly :)

  3. Adorable! I love reading your blog and seeing pictures of Yogi. He reminds me so much of my little Riley who I miss dearly.

    1. Thanks ever so much, Lizzie!! Yogi says Hello!!

  4. What a sweet quilt for a adorable little boy !

  5. Such an adorable quilt for a small baseball fan. And pictures of him snuggling with said quilt, priceless.
    Yogi did a great job picking the fabric. ;)

  6. Polly, I'm sure Henry will love his quilt forever.
    Just love the pictures of Henry sleeping with his quilt.
    Love seeing Yogi made it on the quilt also.

  7. Lovely pictures and a cute quilt for Henry! Great post, Polly! Have a good weekend!

  8. What a great quilt Polly and a terrific story. I love the panels and the fabrics and having A Yogi dog is icing on the cake.. It is a really sweet story. Thanks for sharing..
    Warmest regards,

  9. How adorable! I really need to make another "Aunt Laurie" quilt, this time for my niece. My life will likely slow down in another month, then I can take on that project.

  10. It is a wonderful basketball quilt. And the little boy looks very happy. The kids grew up so far.
    I hope you understand my english.


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