Friday, July 11, 2014

Sew Cool!!

First off, I never blogged about a super fun decal I had made to fit the front of my Bernina 640!


I saw this decal on Etsy and contacted the gal and asked if it could be made really small to fit on the front of my machine and she was so nice to work with me to get it just right!!


So, if you are interested in a decal for your machine or wall or whatever, the Zindee Etsy store is a good place to go!!


Now, second, I saw this pin on Pinterest a few days ago, and used the link to go to the website and check out these bright machine lights.


For $30.00 (and FREE shipping), you get a long self-adhesive strip of 25 tiny little LED lights and cords and power plug and little self-stick brackets.  The strip of lights can be cut at certain places , so you can make it the perfect size for the underside of your particular machine.  Here’s my Bernina as it was-


I knew my Bernina would not need even half of this strip, so I also purchased the Sewing Expansion Kit for $15.00, which would allow me to use the rest of the lights on the strip on another machine!  Look at my Bernina NOW!! WOW!! 


My HandiQuilter Sweet Sixteen Sit-Down machine does not have a built-in light.  It only came with the gooseneck Ott light attached to the top.  So, I’ve always needed more lights around me there when I quilt!  You can see how much of the sewing space is in shadow!!


Not anymore!!  Is this not amazing!!??  I am just so darn pleased at the light they provide!  And even with free shipping, I got my lights in two days!!


So, if you find it challenging (frustrating?) to sew at night these days, I would highly recommend you check out these awesome bright lights at!


OK, so, what are you up to these days?  I hope you have something really fun to do this weekend!! I’ll be sewing and Yogiboy will be snoozing!!  LOL!!



  1. Thank you for this great info Polly! I have seen this type of light at various sites online but they were much more expensive! I have so many Ott Lights and such around my machine, it isn't funny. This seems just the answer. Will have to check it out tomorrow when I get home from work!

  2. Thank you, I've looked at those strips of lights but hadn't read anything about anyone who actually had them, they look perfect.

  3. WoW, thanks for the great tips! The lights are a must have!

  4. Thank you so much for the great info. Seems the older I get the more light I need and since about the only time I get to quilt anymore is in the evening, these would work great. And I just love the quilt that is hanging behind your quilting machine. Just beautiful!! Can I ask what pattern that is?

    1. Dang! I made that quilt from a kit about 12 years ago... I am so sorry I can't remember it's name. It was a free pattern...if I can find it either in my files or online, I'll come back and post it here!!

  5. Wow Polly, that Bernina of yours looks as though it could make your coffee, your breakfast and automatically sew whatever you ask it to! As for the lighting, I'm fortunate enough to have my sewing studio in a lookout basement with large windows and lots of overhead florescent lighting, along with a gooseneck Ott light which I place directly in back of my machine, but if I ever find the need for your wonderful light discovery, I will definitely purchase one. Love the photo of Yogi in front of your beautiful planter. So cute!

  6. Cute decal and the lights are great. Thanks for the link. Love the picture of Yogi!

  7. Those lights work just like the ones under my kitchen cabinet. How handy! Thanks for sharing that! I love that gorgeous quilt behind your machine too!

  8. Awesome things to make your sewing machine even better! I'm going to check them out too. I'm working this weekend so no relaxation for me, but when I get a break tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon, I'm going to be snoozing just like Yogi.

  9. The older I get the more light I seem to need. Thanks for the tip! blessings, marlene

  10. Look at your machines all blinded and pimped! Cute.


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