Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Needlework… ME??

At the last few guild meetings, we were taught how to do some of the more popular hand work.  At one meeting we explored making hexies, and at the last meeting, we did some redwork.  Now, I am one of those sewists whose motto is “gimme my sewing machine over hand sewing ANY DAY”!!


I used to HATE even doing the hand sewing on the binding and label on my quilts….


But I have evolved to really LOVE doing that hand work!  And I unexpectedly enjoyed doing those hexies at that meeting and the redwork reminded me of all the crewel work I did as a child!

(image from Google)

As a teeneager in the groovey 70’s, I hand embroidered all over my hiphugger jeans!!

(image from Google)

So, I decided to ENABLE myself to do some more hand sewing by making a decorative box to store my threads and needles and projects to be kept beside my recliner in the family room.


Soooo, I had this awesome basket box that we got last Christmas filled with all kinds of gift foods.  It’s been sitting empty on a shelf in the library for months.


I pulled out a pile of “She Who Sews” scraps and played with a bunch of different ideas before finally choosing to make two of my all-time favorite quilt blocks to put on the box top!


I made two identical churn dash blocks then surrounded them with a pale green measuring tape fabric.


I fused 2 layers of fleece on the back side, then hot glued that on top of the box, gluing down the raw edges on the sides, which I covered with some fun jumbo rick rack.


If you used to make those fabric and lace covered photo albums back in the 80’s when that was all the rage, you use the same technique for this!


I measured the inside of the box and cut out cardboard pieces for the sides, bottom and the underside of the top.  Lay each piece of cardboard face down on the fabric and cut the fabric about 1.5” bigger on all sides.  Use hot glue to secure the fabric wrapped to the back side of the cardboard, then hot glue the covered cardboard into the box.


Taaaa daaaa!!  All done!  Now I keep it filled with hand sewing supplies right next to me, so that at night instead of surfing Pinterest, I can do something constructive!!  I don’t think I’ll ever hand quilt a quilt, but definitely some smaller embroidery projects or hexies!!


So, whatcha up to this week???



  1. I enjoy doing some handwork especially red work. What a fabulous way you decorated you lovely basket. I am busy joining my owls I to a Parliment....

  2. I love your box, Polly! I keep an old fashioned travel makeup case (the hard sided luggage kind) on the middle seat of our reclining sofa. It doesn't recline, so we don't sit on it. But, it keeps my hexies close at hand for working on while I watch TV.

  3. I love how you have outfitted the basket box. I recently bought an old picnic basket to leave next to my spot on the couch to keep my handwork in. I like the idea of decorating the basket. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your handwork!

  4. As I read through I kept thinking "I did that" and that and that, even the basket I've done something similar (mine was a coffin for Halloween), but then I came to instead of Pinterest and was horrified! No pinterest? LOL.

  5. Love your handwork sewing box! Very creative!

    You're in my head space now, Polly. I love handwork and find it so relaxing. I can't sit in front of the tv without something in my hands to keep busy.

    Ollie is sending Westie waves and hugs to Yogi.

  6. I love what you did with the basket. I enjoy handwork too. I need to make up something to keep in the TV room too.

  7. Your covered box is adorable! Love those churn dash blocks and the bright colours!

  8. LOVE what you did with the adorable box! My daughter is getting married tomorrow so I'm heading up to Lake Tahoe this afternoon to get settled in my suite so I can relax a bit before the craziness starts at 7 tomorrow morning! Her wedding quilt is finished and will be hanging behind the cake at the reception. I'm so excited!!!

  9. hi Polly, I love your blog and always find the best ideas!!! just wanted you to know that I now have a vinyl on my machine too. I also ordered a button vinyl to put on the wheel of my machine. it will be on my blog on august 6th. Sherrell was so easy to work with. Keep up the good work. and thanks again!!!

  10. lol I'm the oppostite! I LOVE hand sewing, but the sewing machine is my nemesis. That measuring tape fabric is too cute! Cute box too!

  11. Great re-do of the sewing box. I really like to sew the binding on by hand while watching TV - makes me feel a little more productive. Have a great rest of the day - katie

  12. Super cute basket box re-do! Love it!

  13. Oh this basket is fantastic.


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