Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last “Schnibble” for 2014

Our Schnibble group assignment for December wasn’t actually one of Carrie’s Schnibble patterns at all!!


It was a cute little mini quilt design from Sherri McConnell,  one of our lovely Schnibble group leaders, called “Shine”!


I don’t know about you, but by the time Christmas finally comes, I am so tired of red and green stuff all around, that I yearn for some blues!!


So, I made my little quilt from some fabric I bought years ago for a purse- with blues, aqua’s and lime greens!


The background print has to be at least 10 years old!!  But I still love it!!


The backing was a large flower print!!  Such a lovely little quilt!!  Quite fun to make!!


My husband and I both came down with the flu two days before Christmas… it’s been a long time to feel better and finally get a bit of energy back between coughing!!  But I finally got the Christmas decor packed away… just have the tree to do today!!!  How about you?


Yogi and I want to wish you all a fun New Year Eve tonight and a relaxing day tomorrow!!  Ready or not, here comes 2015!!



  1. That is an adorable quilt! I love that you used old fabrics from your stash. Have a Happy New Year!

  2. It does seem like we can't wait to put up all the Christmas Decor; but then happy to see it change once again. It is nice that everything doesn't always stay the same. Change is good sometimes. My husband and I have both been sick with the bug since before Christmas. I am so tired of feeling bad and having a cough. I wish you well and I wish you a very Happy and Healthy New Year 2015.

  3. I love your little quilt~ the backing is wonderful! It just sings with happy. :-) I was late getting the decor for Christmas up, so I want to leave it to enjoy a little more.. at least until the weekend. Happy New Year!

  4. VERY cute! The backing looks like it was made just for the top. Love when that happens. So sorry you've been sick. So far I've avoided it but..... I put very little up for Christmas so didn't take much to put away. I'm going to stay in tonight and stay warm. Don't like to be out with the crazies on NYE!

  5. Your new little quilt has a fresh spring-like look. Nice.

  6. I love the colours in your quilt. Happy New Year, Polly and Yogi. Hugs, Christine xx

  7. Love your quilt! I hope you're both 100% recovered soon - the flu really seems to be sweeping through the country. Loads of people have been very sick.

    We took our tree down on Tuesday. We generally don't keep it up for long after the holiday. For us, it seems to come down much faster than it goes up.

    Wishing you a Happy New Year!

  8. I love your new little quilt - the colors are wonderful! Sorry to hear you & hubby came down with the flu before Christmas - glad you are feeling better. We got all of the Christmas stuff put away Sunday (that was a job -lots of totes) Just when I was enjoying my every day decor - go to buy groceries today and all the stores have Valentines Day decor out - yikes - give us a break! I'm not getting my Valentines Day stuff out for awhile...LOL Wishing you a Happy New Year - love your blog!

  9. Thank you so much for your posts throughout the year. When I see your email I know I'll have something interesting to read and usually something unique to see. I so apprreciate your not selling things. Yogi adds to the post, too. The flu found me a few days before Christmas and I'm much better now except for the cough and the need for naps every few hours. Stay warm and well in 2015.


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