Sunday, April 19, 2009

Garden of Weedin"!

Yikes! My back and knees are hurting big time! I spent a good part of the afternoon weeding the flower beds around the circumference of the house. Got it all done except for about 12 feet on the west side...had to stop when my back was screaming!! If it doesn't rain tomorrow, I'll finish it! Then comes the mulch! ACK! It never ends, does it? I broke down and bought a few pretty hanging baskets for the deck at Walmart... although I usually try not to buy any plants for outside until around Mother's Day to avoid killing them with late spring freezes. But I was really craving some color out there!!

And just guess who was snoozing the whole time I was weeding??? Yep! Yogi!! Man he sure has the life!! :-)

I sewed up the top of the pajamas and hated it! It was too big and did not fit right and I especially didn't like the neckline. So I tried altering it and it just got worse so it's in the garbage. I still have the bottoms, so will look for some more of the same fabric at Joann's. So then I made another of the tops I cut out and although it fits fine, it is not real flattering...UGH! Bad choices of pattern styles on my part. So, I've still got one more top cut out and will try to sew it up tomorrow night. Hopefully it won't be strike three!!

Hope you got lots done this weekend and got to relax some, too!

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