Friday, April 2, 2010

April Goals for CGQC

I have a new Dill Blossom layer cake
 to make up for April...
not sure what I want to do with it yet...

but I have some Moda snow solid white
 that I think will work into it somehow!

I bought a new quilt kit to make a
gorgeous quilt I saw in the
winter Fabric Trends magazine.
  Check this out!

Visions of warmth and bright sunshine!!  YESSS!  
This one will get me in the mood
 for the coming summer!!

I also have a jellyroll quilt I've wanted to
make forever that I hope to get done this month. 

It's called Pickety Sticks and is from
 a jellyroll book by Anka's Treasures!

And if there's any time left, I hope to quilt that fall panel quilt from my previous post!

Wish me luck!  What are your plans for April?


  1. You've got some great April projects to work on. Love the Jellyroll quilt pattern. Have a relaxing holiday weekend. I'm going on an egg hunt:)


  2. Great projects for April - have fun!

  3. Love all yur projects for April. I have many UFO's that need attending but I keep starting new ones.

    I have had a layered cake for over a year but just do not know what to do with it.One day something will come along.

  4. Love that Pickety Sticks! The border fabric is gorgeous. Are you using the same fabric? Good luck with all your goals.

  5. Here's "LUCK" coming your way, my friend. I am especially in love with the Pickety Sticks pattern. Looks like it might go fairly easy.

    How's work Polly? Glad it's Friday?

    Enjoy your Easter weekend.

    With blessings,

  6. Sounds like fun!!! Happy Easter!

  7. Wow sounds like a busy April full of fun quilting time! :-) Have a great weekend!

  8. Great projects for April. I have a Dill Blossom layer cake too...isn't it sooo pretty! I will have to keep an eye on what you are doing with it!!!

  9. Nice projects to keep you busy! I didn't realize that Kaufman fabrics came in layer cakes. I've never seen them online (which is where I have to do most of my fabric shopping).
    Have fun!

  10. Wow! Those are absolutley gorgeous projects which I am certain will be done to perfection as usual! Have fun! Happy Easter!

  11. What great projects. You're going to be a busy girl! Wishing you a happy month of sewing.


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