Thursday, April 22, 2010

Caliente...Hot, Hot, Hot!

I finished my poppy quilt that I saw in the
winter issue of Fabric Trends magazine
and fell in love with! 
I even bought the kit offered in the mag, too.

It is so bright and the colors so hot! 
Makes me think of summer,
so I named it "Caliente".

Blogger rotated this photo for some weird
 reason?! I quilted shading lines flowers for
added dimension. It is raw edge applique
 over a pieced background.

And the backing is a fun wild print, too!
Hard to see the little label, huh?

I've been spending the nights lately cutting out projects to take to my quilt retreat this weekend.  We leave tomorrow morning and will be back Sunday afternoon.  I can't wait!  I love the chatty sewing fun we have!!  The bunk beds leave a bit to be desired,
but that's why I bring some Tyleno PM!  :-)  I promise to take good photos and will post them here on Sunday night!!

I just got a call around dinner time from my sister that my mother (in her late 80's - that's her in the photo above holding ME!)  has developed a blood clot in her leg and is being treated in a hospital in Orlando.  They found it quickly and feel they have a good treatment plan in effect.  Please send out a little prayer for her to dissolve that clot and get home soon!  Thank you!  :-)


  1. Good luck to you Mom for a quick recovery.

  2. Sorry to hear about your Mum. Hope she is back to herself again soon.

    Love the quilt Polly.It reminds me of "Poppy Day"

    Oh enjoy your retreat,they are always such fun.

    Did you see my "Tuffets"?? I had fun making them.
    Pop over and have a look and feel free to join.

  3. Your quilt is wonderful! I live just outside Orlando, I'll be sending tons of good thoughts to your mom. Hope she's out of the hospital in no time.

  4. Gorgeous quilt!!
    Sorry to hear about your mom. Prayers for speedy healing for her!

  5. Beautiful quilt!
    I wish the best for your Mom. ♥

  6. Hope your mom is out of the hospital and back home real soon Polly. Love those poppies -- they are gorgeous.


  7. I hope your Mom has a speedy recovery Polly, what a beautiful woman!
    I love the poppy quilt! More and more I'm getting drawn to wild and vibrant quilts, I need a new stash! LOL Have fun this weekend!

  8. Hope your mom gets well quickly. Have lots of fun at retreat.

  9. You're always in my thoughts and prayers, Polly. And I'll add your lovely Mom now.

    have a wonderful weekend.

    We can catch up soon - this time when YOU return.

    (PS - it's SEW good to be back)


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