Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Night Sew- In TONIGHT!!

Tonight crazy insane quilters all over the place
 will be sewing up a storm in their own
sewing rooms at the Friday Night Sew-In!!

I'll be working on my blue strip twist quilt blocks. 

I've got a few blocks done so far...

So, I hope to get all the rest of the blocks done tonight!
New Moon DVD will be on in the sewing room as I sew!

But I won't be alone in there! 
My Yogi will be with me, too!
Thank goodness it is Friday!!  :-)


  1. You have a great sewing companion. My Sadie is fighting allergies and is truly miserable. She has pulled all the hair off her legs. Can't seem to find a solution to the problem. I'm sure she'd be envious to see Yogi so comfortable in his bed. He's beautiful.

  2. Oh wow Polly, I love these fabrics! Especially the little polka dot strips!

  3. Love the Jane Sassaman fabrics. The fabrics are a great match for the block.


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