Thursday, April 15, 2010

Awesome Guild Speaker

Bonnie Hunter, the famed scrap quilter of Quiltville ,
was our quilt guild speaker tonight. OMG!!!!!!! 
Her quilts are A M A Z I N G!!! 

She has a new book out, too, and she was signing them left and right as they flew off the table!  Most of the quilts we saw are in the book.  Check these out!!

Unbelievable talent at combining some
really ugly fabrics into stunning quilts!
Her motto is that if the fabric is still
ugly, you just haven't cut it
small enough!!  :-)


  1. Thanks for sharing!! That's a book I have been thinking of buying, it sure has some beautiful quilts!♥

  2. Thanks so much for sharing. They are beautiful quilts - makes me want to start another quilt.

  3. How fun you met Bonnie and her quilts! That girl has quilts on the mind all the time....I don't know that she sleeps.

  4. How lucky for your guild to see all those amazing quilts in 'real life'. I must get the book at I've been just leader/endering for a few months now without a plan...there are a couple quilts there I need to make.
    thanks for the great quilt show!

  5. Isn't she awesome? I have both her books, what an inspiring lady!

  6. I saw her at a guild meeting and am still amazed at the talent she has. Such an inspiration. I'd like her to come and organize my scrap bins.


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