Saturday, April 17, 2010

Block Buster!

Last night's Friday Night Sew-In

was a real block buster for me!  
I got all the strip twist blocks made! 

I laid them all on the design wall and now have them stacked up in row piles, so will take it with me to quilt retreat to assemble.  It's a perfect project for retreat now that I've already laid them out and just have to do mindless sewing.  Then just add the borders!

The Yogster got some good nappin' time in
 while I sewed last night! 
How does he sleep with his head on the
 hard table like that???

Now, I've got to get some other projects cut out and "bagged and tagged" as Sew Cindy likes to say in readiness for quilt retreat next weekend!!  
What did you do last night???  


  1. This looks like one I would love to make! What size blocks were these?

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! What is the pattern Polly?

  3. Wow - you got alot done! Love that quilt. I wish I was going on a quilting retreat! I really need to do one someday.

  4. These are very interesting blocks! Good job getting that accomplished Friday nite.

    Yogi looks too cute napping.

  5. You're quilt is so pretty, and the picture of Yogi made me laugh. It's a wonder how they can sleep just about anywhere!


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