Thursday, October 29, 2009

Boy, time flies, huh??

I have been quilting on a fall panel top I made at the last CQU retreat for the last two evenings after work... so that's why time has gotten away from me and I've not posted here! My bad!!

I've said this before, I do my piecing upstairs in my tiny sewing room on my Bernina. But I do my quilting downstairs on my dining room table with my Juki. In a previous post, I showed the quilting leaf I made for my dining room table to enable my Juki to sit down in a sunken box with the machine bed level with the table surface. Quilting is soooooooooo much easier this way!

Boy, you should see what a mess the black border is... covered with white lint from the edges of the exposed Warm & Natural batting. Of course, later, when it's done and being used in my family room during November, it will then be covered in white dog hair from my Westie, Yogi.

I'm using some pretty variegated thread in gold, green, orange and red. It really POPS on the black parts. I'm doing all different kinds of favorite quilting motif!! I've got to get this quilt done, because I've got another fall panel quilt to finish, too. And I plan on putting them both out on Sunday when I put my Halloween stuff away and pull out my Thanksgiving stuff!
So, what are you working on these evenings????

P.S. GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!


  1. I've been working on all those projects that got set aside when I started packing to move for the last couple of days. Today the carpenter finished the shelves in my sewing room and I'm hoping everything will have a home by the end of the weekend and then I can really do some "damage" if you know what I mean:) I like your leaf you made for quilting -- great idea.


  2. Vail,
    Make sure you post photos of your new sewing room when you're done! I love seeing how people organize their rooms! Polly :-)


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