Saturday, December 19, 2009

20" and Still Snowing!

OK, well we sure will have a white Christmas around here this year!! We've got over 20" since last night and it's still snowing!!

We spent a couple of hours digging ourselves out a bit this afternoon. Thank goodness we bought a snow blower when our 2 boys left for college! No more slave labor! ;-)

We only cleared half of the driveway...
right down the middle only!

And we put out some salt, too. But I just looked
out front and it's covered with snow again!

At least our 2 cars are not buried in the snow

like our neighbors' cars are!

We have to keep clearing a little patch for Yogi to potty on! They say it should slow down soon! With this much snow, I seriously doubt we'll be in school next Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday!

I sure am hoping for even more quiltin' time!! :-)
I got some pork chops in the oven and merlot in the goblets
and the fireplace cracklin'!
Hope you are somewhere safe and warm!!

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  1. Beautiful! Gotta love a white Christmas and an excuse to sew by the fire!


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