Saturday, December 19, 2009


Well, the snow started last night around 9:30pm and hasn't let up at all. They say we should get about 1.5 " per hour today until around 4pm. We've got about 10" already. It's so quiet and still outside.

Poor hubby had to go out first thing after we woke up and shovel a potty spot for Yogi. We've been up 2 hours now and the spot is already covered up with more snow! The street is so picturesque and pristine.

Well, hubby and son are playing each other in Call of Duty on PlayStation 3 online as I check email and post this. Now I'm going up to the sewing room to work on my other son's T-Shirt quilt! Would be great to get the whole top done today and get it ready to quilt!

I hope you have a good day and find some time for sewing! :-)
Stay warm!

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  1. I sure am staying warm LOL. Was over 100 deg here in Aussie today. It is so nice to see your beautiful snow photos even though it would not be for you.
    DH is a nice man to make a potty hole for
    Hope you got your quilt top done. I was lucky enough to complete my xmas gifts this evening.


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