Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Quilts

I thought you might like to see the quilts in the Christmas decor photos. This is the one I just finished this weekend. It's from the "It's A Wrap" pattern. I named it "Gifts Galore"... made with a jelly roll.

But this one is my fav by far! I made the top at a quilt guild retreat about 3 years ago. I love the mustaches best!! It's from one of Nancy Halvorsen's Art to Heart books.

However, this flannel shaggy quilt is probably the most fought over by my family. It is super big and warm. It's folded down to a quarter of it's full size in this photo.

This one I designed myself and taught at our local shop last year. It, too, is made from a jelly roll and extra-wide rickrack... which is why I named it "Ribbon Candy". I love adding some lime and pink colors into the normal Christmas mix.

This one is the oldest of them all. A more traditional quilt pattern for sure, using very traditional colors. I made this pattern for each of my sisters and parents once year as Christmas presents.

What's your most favorite Christmas quilt you've made?


  1. Beautiful Christmas quilts. Difficult to pick my favorite. ...but we'll soon be voting for Viewers Choice in my Virtual Christmas Quilt Show.


  2. I love all of your Christmas quilts!


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