Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Quilt Lover Here

My Westie, Yogi is a quilt connoisseur.
He can smell an open quilt,
ripe for being laid upon,
a mile away.

This morning, he discovered my

Ribbon Candy quilt on the couch.

He even changes position while sleeping.

Does he not look beyond comfy?

Yogi is our third "son" and we love him dearly.

Do you think he is dreaming about squirrels?


  1. Your little Westie is just precious - and he is obviously well acquainted with his environment. Great photos! If we didn't have 3 spoiled shelties, there could be a Westie in our lives.
    Oops, hope they didn't hear that...
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. i love the photos ....yogi is so precious...and knows a good quilt when he smells one!Your ribbon candy quilt looks yummy!

    I love your sewing room photo...with yogi posing for the camera of course!

  3. A Ribbon Candy Quilt - hmmm - Yogi is dreaming of sugarplums dancing in his head. LOL

    He is such a cutie. He knows a good thing when he sees it.

    He's sleeping in "dessert".

  4. Your Westie is just so cute and he has good taste too. Love your Candy Quilt.


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