Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chuggin' Along!

I have a few things going on this week... besides just work each day!  My son Anthony is coming home tomorrow from VA Tech for a few days.  His girlfriend will be coming in, too.  So gotta fill up the empty fridge before he gets here and make up the basement suite bed for her!  :-)

Saturday is our March bee... AT MY HOUSE!  So realllllly gotta clean BIG TIME!!  The little pre-bloom thingies that fall off the trees in spring are constantly being walked into the house.  UGH!  HATE that!  :-(
And gotta figure out what I'm making that day for lunch/dessert!  All the gals are gourmet cooks, so the pressure is ON!!  Any suggestions?

Yesterday after work, I pinned my quilt top, batting and backing all together and have started to quilt my last CGQC goal left for March!  I sure would  LOVE to have it done and the binding sewn on ready to do the hand work at bee!  So wish me luck to get everything done on time!!


  1. Oh Polly that looks adorable!

    As for that lunch... heck yes I have an idea, have them each bring a dish! LOLOLOL

  2. Sounds like fun! Keep it simple and fun for you! ;-)

  3. Oh I bet you're happy to have your son coming home for the weekend! My nephew is a freshman at Va Tech; he's having a sister misses him though!

    Hmmm...cheesecake pie is always a hit at my home, and it's fairly fast and easy! Serve chicken packets with shredded veggie salad and you're good to go! :)

  4. I LOVE CJ's suggestion for lunch. ROFLOL

    I'm lovin' that quilt you have on the HQ table.

    Queston Polly - You have the 630 or 640, don't you? Do you the BSR for it? The reason I ask is because I find myself doing all my Little Quilts with my BSR and love using it.

  5. Enjoy the visit with your son and his girlfriend.

    Love the qulit top, hope you get it ready to hand sew on time.

  6. Hi Polly, I just stumbled across your lucky thing to have the quilting machine....I hope to get day! Good luck with getting it finished in time for "BEE" Hugs Naomi


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