Monday, March 8, 2010

Just Love This Panel

I promised to try to take some better photos of the bunny wallhanging from the previous post.  So I changed the settings and upped the pixels in hopes of getting clearer detailed pictures.  But this one for some unknown reason was flipped to a portrait layout by blogger when uploaded... and it took about 10 minutes to upload!  :-(  ACK! 
 Well, I'll be changing my camera settings back to what they were before!

One of the CGQC goals I listed for March was making a quilt from a pretty spring panel and matching fabrics I bought a while back.  Those  coordinating fabrics were all mid to fairly large scale prints and were so gorgeous that I decided to simply march some borders of varying width with cornerstones around the center panel rather than cut them up into small pieces for pieced blocks and lose the gorgeous prints.  I just finished the top and am very pleased with how it turned out.

Of course, it's hard to see in my bedroom light!  UGH!  This collection is soooo feminine and delicate and just beautiful.  The colors are just gorgeous and I adore the panel's watercolor look!  Can't wait to finish it and get it out in my family room for all to see!

Tomorrow after work, I'll get it all pinned and ready to quilt.  That part- the crawling around on hands and knees - is the worst part of the quilting process for me.  I have really bad knees and it really hurts... so not looking forward to that! 
What's your least favorite part of the quilting process?


  1. Polly, thanks for the closeup of the wallhanging. Being an applique virgin, I am totally impressed and have a couple of questions! I see some amazingly sharp points like on the leaves... are these needle turned, or raw edge? If raw edge, will they fray over time?

    I love the attention to quilting you did on it, just gorgeous!

  2. Polly, thanks so much for showing a close-up of your details on the applique.

    Like CJ, I'm wondering the same thing. Is this considered raw edge applique? The main reason I'm asking is because Hubby (yes, hubby) actually picked out an applique quilt for me to make from a quilt shop in Utah on our travels and it IS raw-edge applique which I've never done.

    IF yours is considered raw edge applique - do you literally use the fusible to apply the applique and then just stitch "just inside" the applique?

    And what about those small, small pieces - do you "still" applique inside them with machine or do you do them by hand?

  3. My least fav part now is machine sewing binding to the completed quilt-- mostly when it's a large quilt, feel like I'm in a wrestling match
    But when I used to be a hand quilter the crawliing on the floor was the worst. I finally started laying them out on my kitchen table (which has 3 boards and gets huge) I'd lay it out using masking tape to tape the backing that was lying over the edge of table to the underside first(if it was bigger than the table) then smooth the batting and top. Pin baste all that was on the table, remove the tape from underneath, slide the quilt sandwich, check for wrinkles,smooth, retape the backing (sometimes) and continue. I never had a problem using that technique (don't even remember where I learned it from) but it sure saved the knees and I think it was a little quicker too.


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